How To Create And Manage Team Members In Crowdfundly

You can easily create and manage team members from the Crowdfundly dashboard. Multiple team members will help you to run your fundraising or donation campaigns successfully. Follow these guidelines to create and manage team members for your campaigns in Crowdfundly.

Note: You can only create and manage team members if you are subscribed to the Crowdfundly Pro

Step 1: Add New Team Members To Crowdfundly #

Before you can add team members to your organization, you first need to create and manage roles in Crowdfundly. Afterwards, navigate to ‘Team Accounts‘ from your Crowdfundly dashboard. Then click the ‘Add New’ button and a popup will be opened.

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Step 2: Assign Roles And Set Permissions #

In the popup, provide your team members ‘Email’, ‘Name’, and ‘Assign roles’ from previously created roles. An invitation link will be sent to your team member’s email from Crowdfundly. When you will select a particular role for a newly added team member, permissions will be automatically selected on the permission checklist. 

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You can add or remove certain permissions for a team member. If you want to assign a specific role to a team member and give access to all permissions, then select the ‘checks all’ option. After setting permissions, click ‘Submit’. Thus, your new team member is enlisted in your organization in Crowdfundly.

Step 3: Manage Team Members Directly In Crowdfundly #

You can change and manage team members’ activity and permission sets directly from the Crowdfundly dashboard. You can add or remove new responsibilities for your team members or assign new roles to them.

To change permissions for any team member from the dashboard, go to ‘Team Accounts’, click the gear icon of a particular team account, and select ‘Update role’, a new pop up will be opened. You can add or remove permissions from the popup and change assigned roles. After making changes, hit ‘Update’. Thus your permissions for a certain team account in Crowdfundly are changed.

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You can delete team members from your dashboard if you no longer need that team member in Crowdfundly. Navigate to ‘Dashboard’ → Team Accounts, click on the gear icon besides team members’ names, and hit the ‘Delete’ button. In this process, you can delete team members from the Crowdfundly dashboard.   

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By following these basic steps, you can easily create and manage team members in Crowdfundly within a matter of minutes.

If you face any difficulties, feel free to contact us for further assistance.