How To Create A Digital Fundraising Campaign For Coronavirus [2022]

May 31, 2021

Digital Fundraising Campaign Coronavirus

If you look carefully at the statistics of fundraising during this coronavirus pandemic, you can easily analyze the success rate of digital fundraising campaigns. In this blog, we will introduce you to the all-in-one crowdfunding & fundraising solution to collect funds more effectively whenever you need.

Digital Fundraising Campaign Coronavirus

Why Should You Create A Digital Fundraising Campaign For Coronavirus?

Worldwide people are still suffering and the situation of this pandemic is still unstable and going worse from place to place. Social workers, activists, self-declaring volunteers are there who want to raise funds to provide help to the needy one.

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

✅As offline fundraising is difficult in this pandemic, so people are now moving mostly on online platforms to create their crowdfunding campaign and raise funds immediately.

✅Besides this situational aspect, as the latest trend of digitalization, anyone who wants to collect funds is more willing to focus on online campaigns. 

✅Because it’s easier to spread the motive of your fundraising campaign for coronavirus, and collect more funds in a short period. 

✅Also, some donors are ready for donation but lack reliable sources they can not make it happened. So if anyone makes their digital fundraising campaign for coronavirus with credible information, they will be successful without any doubts. 

Check this detailed article of Forbes mentioning how nonprofits are raising funds through digital fundraising in this Coronavirus pandemic.

Tips For Creating A Digital Crowdfunding Campaign During Coronavirus Outbreak

If you are a non-profit organization, self fundraiser, volunteer, or anyone who wants to raise funds in this severe coronavirus situation next and help the people in need. Then you have to know some amazing tips before creating your fundraising campaign during this Coronavirus outbreak. Take a look at it:

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Directly Hit The Point & Be More Transparent Than Ever Before

When your crowdfunding platform is online, you have to make sure you provide all the relevant information accurately on site. You can showcase the success that you have done with some of your collected amounts during this pandemic and gain your donors’ trust in an instance. The more you will be transparent, the more funds you can raise online without any hassle.

Be Creative With Virtual Options For Digital Fundraising

Ensure your fundraising campaign authentication by sharing lots of information, real-time images, and more. That will help your targeted donors’ group to attract easily and instantly make the donation for coronavirus. You can also add videos of people who need help and ask for help with more reliable content. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Start Your Campaign Quickly With The Right Solution 

You have to select your crowdfunding platform very carefully by which you can easily create multiple separate fundraising campaigns from one place. And manage it in advance. Make sure you can analyze your campaign data to make your further move. So an all-in-one digital fundraising platform can help you with this. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Stay Connected All The Time To Raise More Funds

During the time of your fundraising campaign, you have to ensure seamless online communication with your donors. You can create a form to communicate with you through email or if you are using an advanced solution in-app messaging is the latest trend to go with. 

Share Your Fundraising Campaign On Social Media

Social media can help you to connect with all the communities, donors, or anyone interested to donate to the coronavirus pandemic can easily be traced. You have shared your fundraising campaign information beautifully on different social networking sites and stay connected. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

How To Create A Digital Fundraising Campaign For Coronavirus?

As you already know the reasons for creating a digital fundraising campaign for coronavirus and how to make it successful online. Here in this section, you will find an all-in-one digital fundraising solution that comes with an advanced facility to raise funds immediately. Before that, get to know what you should look into a complete digital fundraising solution below: 

  • Create a complete digital fundraising profile
  • Able to build unlimited, separate fundraising campaigns.  
  • Have the option to create reward-based or donation-based or both ones
  • Manage & organize your online fundraising team roles 
  • Advanced in-app messaging system be integrated
  • Handle your both online & offline contributions seamlessly
  • Integrate with advanced online payment gateway systems
  • Sort & filter your digital fundraising data 
  • Get insightful detailed Analytics to measure your campaign success
  • Custom domain facility & many more to explore

So now you can easily decide what you are looking for and acknowledge all the latest features in mind. Without any other info let’s jump into the next section and start raising your digital fundraising funds for coronavirus

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Introducing Crowdfundly Your All In One Digital Fundraising Solution During This Pandemic

Crowdfundly making history starts with coronavirus time when people are more likely to create online fundraising campaigns and raise funds for the needful person, family, community, or more. As everything went online last year, this is the only way online you can make this happen. 

There the plan starts with developing a complete digital fundraising solution Crowdfundly. This will help you to create your campaign, design it in advance, also analyze data with lots of other exclusive features that you have seen above.

🚀Get Started With Crowdfundly To Launch Your Digital Fundraising Campaign For Coronavirus 

With Crowdfundly you can create two types of fundraising campaigns for Coronavirus as a fundraiser. One is a reward-based campaign and another one is a donation-based campaign.  Here you will get to know both of these with step-by-step guidelines below. Just make sure after that have which type of campaign you want to create to raise your digital fundraising for coronavirus. 

Before starting anything, make sure you have created a Crowdfundly subscription account. After logging into your account, you need to create a Crowdfundly organization account and proceed with the following simple steps of these two detailed linked documentation. 

Create A Reward Based  Online Fundraising Campaign

Assuming you are fully ready with your Crowdfundly account and now let’s get started: 

Step 1: Configure Your Reward Based Campaign  

First, click on the ‘Campaigns’ section from your Crowdfundly dashboard. It will redirect you to a new page where you have to click on the blue ‘Add New Campaign’, and it will come up with the two options ‘Reward Based Campaign’ & ‘Donation Based Campaign’ there. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Choose the ‘Reward Based Campaign’ option, and it will provide you with a lot of ‘Campaign Category’ there. Even if you didn’t find your preferred campaign categories, you can use the ‘Request New Category’ from the bottom section, and set up your own. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Afterward, pick your preferred one and go to the next section to ‘Write Title’ for your reward-based campaign to proceed further. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Afterward, you have to set up your fundraising campaign targeted amount you want to raise for your reward-based campaign. For that, hit the ‘Next’ button to provide a deadline for your campaign by clicking on the ‘Fundraise with a specific date’ option. If you do not want to set any deadline, then simply just pick the ‘Ongoing (no deadline) fundraise’ option. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Step 2: Create Your Online Fundraising Story 

You can make a stunning fundraising campaign landing page by inserting as many images as you want to add from this section. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Besides, you can add interactive videos about your fundraising campaigns to make them more engaging for your targeted audiences’. 

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Now you are here to tell the story beautifully by adding header, text, images, videos, and more in these separate sections. This will help you to engage your audience in your campaign and raise funds immediately.   

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Step 3: Setup Your Campaign Rewards 

In this section, you can set up your rewards for your fundraising campaign. This will make your fundraiser know what amount of money they will get after your successful campaign. Insert a name for your reward, set the price or monetary value, the number of rewards available in stock, shipping costs if necessary, images, and other details.

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

After completing all the steps carefully, you will be able to create a reward-based campaign just within a few minutes. If you want to know more, check out this detailed reward based campaign documentation of Crowdfundly. 

Create A Donation Based Fundraising Campaign

All the steps that you have followed for the ‘Reward Based Campaign’ as the same goes for ‘Donation Based Campaign’, just the Campaign Rewards option are not presented there. Let’s get a clear view below:

Step 1: Configure Your Donation Campaign 

After hitting the ‘Add New Campaign’ section, pick the ‘Donation Based Campaign’ option from there, and choose your Campaign Category or  ‘Request New Category’. Hit the ‘Next’ button and insert your campaign title from there to set up the targeted amount you want to raise for your donation based campaign.  

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Now go to the next section to configure your fundraising campaign deadline by clicking on the ‘Fundraise with a specific date’ option or you don’t want to set any, simply just go with the ‘Ongoing (no deadline) fundraise’ option.  

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Step 2: Tell Your Online Fundraising Story

Now is the time to create your donation-based fundraising campaign landing page. You can insert as many images, and videos as per your preferences. 

At last, you are there to make your story engaging for your targeted audiences by adding header, text, images, videos, and more. You can design your donation fundraising campaign as you want it.  

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

Step 3: Check & Publish Your Donation Campaign

Congratulations! After successfully completing all the steps accordingly, you can now check & publish your donation-based campaigns immediately. Even if you want to know more, check out in details here.  

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

This is how simply using Crowdfundly the all-in-one online fundraising solution, you can create, manage and share your fundraising campaign anywhere you want. So if you didn’t use Crowdfundly yet, give it a try now and let us know your experience right away by commenting below in this blog. 
If you have faced any difficulties regarding anything, contact our support team, or join our Facebook group to know all the latest updates.

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