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How Much Does Facebook Stars Cost?

April 4, 2024

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The cost of Facebook Stars remains consistent, with each Star valued at $ 0.01. The Viewers typically purchase Stars in packs, such as:

  • 100 Stars cost $1 (charged $1.40)
  • 500 Stars cost $5 (charged $7)
  • 10,000 Stars cost $100 (charged $140)

Viewers can support creators by using stars, and they are not being asked to make direct donations to them.

If you want to know more detailed information about the cost of Facebook stars, dive a little deeper into the article. 

What Are Facebook Stars?

Facebook Stars are a way for people to support their favorite creators on Facebook. When you give Stars, you're also giving money to Facebook. 

For example, Rocky Kanaka uses Facebook Stars to help pets get adopted and pay for medical expenses. He encourages people to give in different ways, like donating directly to shelters or buying monthly memberships. Users can buy Stars from Facebook and give them to creators they like. 

You can buy different packs of Stars, and the more you buy, the more bonus Stars you get. 

Once you buy Stars, you can send them to creators during their live videos. Every time someone sends a Star, the creator earns one cent. It's a simple way for fans to support their favorite creators and for creators to earn money.

Star Availability

Stars are currently available for both Facebook non-gaming and gaming partners in various countries, including Algeria, Argentina, Australia, and many others. Facebook Stars enable creators to monetize their streams, allowing viewers to purchase and send Stars during live streaming. 

In some cases, viewers may not be able to send Stars based on their location. Facebook provides resources for creators to manage Star alerts, understand Stars payouts, see top Star senders, and learn more about Facebook Stars for creators. 

Which Countries Do Not Support Facebook Stars?

Certain countries have restrictions on sending Facebook Stars, which are virtual items used to support creators. These countries include- 

  • Crimea, 
  • Cuba, 
  • Iran, 
  • North Korea, 
  • Russia, 
  • South Korea, and 
  • Syria. 

This means that viewers located in these regions are unable to purchase and send Stars to their favorite creators.

Getting Started With Facebook Stars

To start earning money with Facebook Stars, follow these steps:

  • Set up Creator Studio: If you're not already using Creator Studio, you need to set it up. Creator Studio is a platform where you can post, monetize, manage, and measure content across your Instagram accounts and Facebook Pages. Once you're set-up, you can proceed to enable Stars.
  • Enable Stars: In Creator Studio, navigate to the "Monetization" section and carefully read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Then, set up a Facebook Stars payout account by adding your details and uploading your W-9 tax form. You can link your bank or PayPal account for payouts.
  • Set a Stars Goal: Your Stars goal is the number of Stars you aim to receive during your live videos. You can display this goal as an overlay on your video content. Incentivize your viewers by setting goals and offering rewards for reaching them.
  • Schedule a Live Video: When scheduling a live video in Live Producer or Creator Studio, you have the option to set a Stars Goal. You can set a page-level goal, which applies to all your live videos until it's met, or a video-level goal, which counts towards a specific video.

By following these steps, you'll be ready to go live with Facebook Stars and track your insights and earnings through Creator Studio.

Are You Eligible For Facebook Stars?

To be eligible for Stars on Facebook Gaming, you need to meet specific criteria:

  • Establish a Gaming Video Creator Facebook Page
  • Stream gaming content for at least four hours over the past 14 days
  • Broadcast gaming content on at least two separate days within the last 14 days
  • Gather a minimum of 100 Page followers
  • Stream from an eligible country
  • Abide by Community Standards and Partner Monetization Policies

Once you meet these requirements, you can enable Stars on your profile and start earning from your fans. 

How Much Do Facebook Stars Cost?

How Much Do Facebook Stars Cost?

The value of Facebook Stars is consistent, each Star is worth $ 0.01. When viewers send Stars to creators, they typically purchase them in packs containing several hundred Stars.

However, it's important to note that Facebook takes a 30% cut of all revenue earned through Stars. So, while the value of each Star remains the same, creators will receive 70% of the total value when cashing out.

These Stars can be converted into US dollars by meeting the minimum payout threshold and linking a payment method to your account. The exchange rate for Facebook Stars is 1 Star = $0.01

How Much Are 100 Stars On Facebook?

When it comes to purchasing Stars on Facebook, 100 Stars are typically priced at $1. However, it's important to note that Facebook charges $1.40 for 100 stars, allowing them to generate revenue. 

The purchase of Stars enables viewers to engage with their favorite creators and show appreciation for their content.

How Much Are 500 Stars On Facebook?

For viewers looking to purchase a larger pack of Stars on Facebook, 500 Stars are generally priced at $5. Similar to the purchase of 100 Stars, Facebook charges $7 for 500 stars. 

By sending 500 Stars, viewers can provide increased support to creators and contribute to their monetization efforts on the platform.

How Much Are 10000 Stars On Facebook?

For those seeking to provide significant support to their favorite creators on Facebook, purchasing 10,000 Stars is a substantial option. This pack of Stars is typically priced at $100. However, Facebook charges $140 for 10,000 stars to cover processing fees and generate revenue

By sending 10,000 Stars, viewers can make a meaningful contribution to creators and assist them in monetizing their content effectively.

Does Facebook Take A Cut From Stars?

Yes, Facebook does take a cut from Stars purchases made by viewers. While 100 Stars are equivalent to one dollar, viewers do not receive 100 stars for one dollar when they purchase Stars. Instead, viewers can buy 45 stars with a bonus of 35 stars for one dollar, totaling 80 stars for the same amount. 

As a result, viewers essentially spend one dollar on 80 stars. If all 80 stars are sent to a creator, the creator receives 80 cents. This indicates that Facebook deducts its share when viewers purchase Stars, ensuring that the deduction does not impact the creator's earnings directly. After this calculation, you may even wonder, how much you will be earning as a Facebook streamer.

How Many Stars Do You Need To Earn For A Payout?

How Many Stars Do You Need To Earn For A Payout?

Creators do not receive payouts every time they go live. Instead, they must accumulate a specific number of Stars before being eligible to cash them out for actual money. 

Once a creator earns 10,000 stars, equivalent to $100, they become eligible to receive a payout. Facebook calculates all the Stars earned by a streamer at the end of each month. Upon reaching the threshold of 10,000 Stars or $100, the creator can request a payout, which typically arrives after 30 days. 

Payment methods for receiving payouts vary based on the creator's location but commonly include options such as PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Cheque.

Tips To Earn More Facebook Stars

Tips To Earn More Facebook Stars

If you're looking to maximize your earnings on Facebook Gaming, here are five tips to help you earn more Stars while streaming:

Educate Your Viewers

Take the time to educate your audience about Stars and how they can support you. Whether it's through video descriptions, live chats, or within your content itself, make sure your viewers understand the importance of Stars and how their contributions directly impact you.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key. Regularly share your gaming content to provide viewers with more opportunities to send Stars. By maintaining a consistent streaming schedule, you'll build a dedicated audience that's more likely to support you with Stars.

Show Gratitude

Express your gratitude to viewers who send Stars. Whether it's through personal messages, on-stream shout-outs, or other heartfelt gestures, showing appreciation can encourage continued support from your audience.

Reward Loyal Fans

Recognize and reward your most loyal fans who consistently send Stars. Consider offering special perks such as early access to content, exclusive giveaways, or personalized shout-outs to show your appreciation for their support. You can connect with your supporters via Crowdfundly as well. 

Crowdfundly would help you in this case by allowing professional media to reach out to your supporters and also, reward them by selling your exclusive products kept at Crowdfundly. 

Create Excitement

Keep your audience engaged and excited by hosting contests, offering limited-time offers, or creating captivating content. Encourage interaction and participation to foster a sense of community and enthusiasm among your viewers.

Alternative Ways To Make Money On Facebook

Alternative Ways To Make Money On Facebook

While Stars, Supporters, and donations serve as primary sources of income for many Facebook streamers, there are additional avenues to explore for generating revenue while playing games on the platform. 

Here are some alternative ways streamers can make money on Facebook:


Once you've established a substantial following, consider creating a merch store to sell apparel and other branded items to your viewers. Offering merchandise allows you to further engage with your audience and monetize your brand beyond streaming. You can easily create your shops on Facebook with some simple tips as well.

Brand Deals

As your reputation and reach expand, you may attract interest from brands looking to collaborate with influencers. Hosting sponsored streams and promoting products or services can provide an additional stream of income for streamers.

YouTube Cross-Promotion

Extend your content reach by reposting your streams or highlights on YouTube. By leveraging the platform's robust ad program, you can monetize your YouTube content and diversify your revenue streams.


Creators same as you can offer exclusive videos and content to fans through Crowdfundly by setting up a membership system where supporters gain access to premium content. You can provide perks to fans such as early access to content, behind-the-scenes footage, or personalized messages through Crowdfundly's membership tiers.

Fans can make one-time donations to support their favorite creators directly through Crowdfundly's donation feature. You can sell art, merchandise, or digital downloads through Crowdfundly's digital shop feature. You can also monetize your Facebook reels following some simple requirements to do so.


What Is The Minimum Amount Of Stars I Can Buy On Facebook?

The minimum amount of Stars you can buy on Facebook is 75 Stars for $1, with 1 Star equating to 1 cent when purchased.

Can I Buy Stars On Facebook Using A Gift Card?

Yes, you can buy Facebook Stars using a gift card. Fans purchase Stars via the new Facebook website using Facebook Pay.

What Is The Minimum Amount Of Stars Content Creators Can Cash Out?

Content creators can cash out their Facebook Stars once they've accumulated a certain amount, typically 10,000 Stars, equivalent to $100.

How Many Facebook Stars Is $1?

Each Facebook Star is worth $0.01, regardless of the pack it's purchased from.

Does Facebook Pay Monthly?

Facebook pays content creators monthly once they've reached the minimum payout threshold, which varies depending on the product, either $25 or $100.


To conclude, Facebook Stars offers each Star valued at $0.01 and provides you with a simple and effective way to support your favorite creators on the platform. You can purchase Stars in packs, such as 100 Stars for $1 (charged $1.40), 500 Stars for $5 (charged $7), and 10,000 Stars for $100 (charged $140). 

While Facebook takes a 30% cut of all revenue earned through Stars, creators can still monetize their content effectively and receive payouts once they accumulate 10,000 Stars or $100. 

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