What Are Fundraisers In Crowdfundly?

Let’s say you bought a Crowdfundly Enterprise license to build your own fundraising platform. Now you can create your own campaigns for your own organization’s purposes.

At the same time, you can allow your local community peoples to create campaigns for their own causes. Here your community people is the fundraiser. To use this feature you have to purchase Enterprise License of Crowdfundly. With the Enterprise License you can build your own fundraising platform. 

Note: as an organization owner, you have the control to manage the campaigns from the fundraisers. Like it has to be going through the manual verification or not, etc.

The team account is totally different things; they are like your volunteers/staff to manage your organization’s operational things. To explore more about team account: https://crowdfundly.com/docs/create-and-manage-team-members-crowdfundly/

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