How To Request For Withdrawal In Crowdfundly

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As a fundraiser, you can request for withdrawal in Crowdfundly from your campaigns easily. You can request to withdraw the funds you have raised for a campaign at any time, even before the campaign fundraising goal has been met.

How To Submit A Request For Withdrawal? #

To request for withdrawal, follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

Step 1: Sign in to your fundraiser account in Crowdfundly and navigate to your organization dashboard. From there, select the ‘Wallet & Payout’ tab. 

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Step 2: It will redirect you to the ‘Wallet‘ tab. You will see a button called ‘New Withdrawal Request’ button as shown below. Click the button to start the procedure. 

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Just after that, a popup will appear. Input the amount you want to withdraw, your payout account, and any notes about why you want to withdraw. Then click the ‘Submit’ button.

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If you have followed the above instructions, your request for withdrawal is successfully sent to the organizer. This is how the withdrawal will look on your Wallet. 

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By following these simple steps, this is how you can request for withdrawal in Crowdfundly.

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