Making A Donation To A Charity Campaign

Making a donation to a charity campaign or a donation-based campaign is very easy. Follow the guidelines below to for make a donation.

Step 1: Select A Donation Based Campaign In Crowdfundly  #

Log in to your Crowdfundly account and find a donaton based campaign you want to contribute to. Click on the ‘Contribute Now’ button as shown below. Afterwards, you have to select the donation amount from the given presets. You can also input any custom donation amount.


Step 2: Enter Donation Information #

Next you have to enter donation information such as amount, your email address, payment method and payment method details. If you want, you can give tips to support the campaign. You can also check the ‘Give Anonymously?’ checkbox to do anonymous contribution. Finally click the click the ‘Contribute Now’ button. 

Step 3: Enter Optional Information #

Finally you can provide some optional information like your name, custom message to the receiver and then click the ‘Continue’ button. Then an option will appear if you want to share the campaign with others on social platforms you can share. [Step 3 is optional step, if you want you can skip this step]

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By following these simple steps you can make donations to any charity campaigns in Crowdfundly.

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