How To Create An Organization Using A Coupon

Welcome to Crowdfundly! We are glad to have you here. Would you like to create an organization using coupons? Here you will find everything you need. The following steps will guide you through the process of creating an organization using a coupon.

Step 01: To start the organization creation process visit app.crowdfundly.com

Step 02: Provide your Email Address & Password and click Sign In.

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Step 03: On the upper right corner, you will see your name, just click on your name and click the “+ Add Organization” button

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Step 04: Provide your organization details and click Create and Continue button

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Step 05: From the package, list choose the Pro plan

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Step 06: Overview of your selected package (Pro Package) information to double-check before you redirect to create organization. In the Cart Information section, you will find the applied coupon field where you need to use the coupon that has been sent to you through email. Once you’re done hit the ‘Create Organization’ button.

[ Please note that you can use a coupon only once for an organization. ]


By following these basic steps, you can easily create an organization using a coupon within a matter of minutes.

Having difficulties? Feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team, also if you want, you can connect to our Facebook community to get all updates about Crowdfundly.