How to Create A Sponsor Campaign in Crowdfundly

Crowdfundly allows you to create campaigns for any cause, such as a sponsored campaign for content creators, influencers & artists. With sponsored campaigns, one can easily get paid by fans. With sponsored campaigns package, monthly consistent earning is possible in exchange for rewards and perks. 

How To Add A Sponsor Campaign In Crowdfundly

Follow these step-by-step instructions to create a sponsored campaign on Crowdfundly.

Step 1: Add A New Campaign To Crowdfundly #

First, log in to your Crowdfundly organization account and click on the ‘Campaigns’ tab from your dashboard. This will redirect you to a new page where you have to click on the blue ‘Add New Campaign’ button as shown below. Then choose campaign type ‘Sponsor’ and after that enter your campaign name, choose currency, select payment receiving method then press the publish button.

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Step 2: Create a Reward Package for Fans & Sponsors in Campagin #

 After completion of campaign creation, the system will take you to the package creation page. Where you can create packages for your fans and sponsors. You will need to provide the package name, image, and price for the package. Then click the ‘Create Package’ button and finally the ‘Publish’ button. 


Step 3: Upload Media & Update Details of Campaign. #

As the new sponsored campaign is already published now add some media and description for the campaign. To do this from the campaign list click the ‘Action Gear’ icon and then select manage campaign. Now the system will take you to the manage campaign page where you can update all the details and upload media for the campaign. 

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Now as the campaign is published and all the required information is updated let’s check the campaign. 

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