How To Configure Stripe As Organization Payment Method

Crowdfundly lets you configure two payment methods for your fundraising organization. These include Stripe (either an individual or business account) and Paypal.

Note: Crowdfundly doesn’t receive any of your funds. You can simply connect your payment method and the fund will be deposited directly into your account in real-time.

You can configure Stripe as your payment method for your Crowdfundly organization account by following these steps below.

Step 1: Manage Settings In Crowdfundly #

Sign in to your Crowdfundly organization account. Then, select the ‘Settings’ tab from your dashboard as shown below.


Step 2: Configure Stripe As Your Payment Method  #

You will be redirected to a new page. From here, click on the ‘Payment’ option to choose your payment method.

To set your Stripe account as your payment method, you need to hit the ‘Connect Crowdfundly with Stripe’ button. Afterward, you have to enter your email id connected to stripe to set Stripe as your payment method.

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