How Does The Wallet Work In Crowdfundly?

In Crowdfundly you can see the net amount, paid amount, pending clearance, tips received, and the amount available for payment at once with the ‘Wallet‘ feature. You can request a payout from the Wallet if you are a fundraiser, or you can accept or reject payouts if you are an organizer.

How To Use The Wallet Feature In Crowdfundly? #

Follow these step-by-step instructions to accept payouts from the ‘Wallet‘ in Crowdfundly.

Step 1: Log in to your organization profile. From the dashboard, navigate to the ‘Wallet & Payout’ tab.

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 Step 2: There you will find all your financial data summary and fundraisers’ requests for payout. Click on the blue ‘Gear icon’ and select any action you want to take, ‘Accept’ or ‘Deny’. After clicking one of the options, your action will be successfully updated.

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By following these simple steps, this is how you can manage the Wallet feature in Crowdfundly. 

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