How To Delete An Organization In Crowdfundly

You can delete an organization if you don’t want to continue your organization account on Crowdfundly. This option is only available to you if you are the owner of that organization. Follow these steps on how you can delete an organization account swiftly. 

Step 1: First, log in to your account in Crowdfundly. Navigate to your organization’s profile from the Crowdfundly menu top bar. After clicking on your organization’s name, it will take you to the dashboard.

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Step 2: From your organization’s dashboard, navigate to Settings–> Basic, and scroll down until you find the ‘Delete Organization’ button. Click this button to delete an organization in Crowdfundly.

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Step 3: A pop-up will appear and describe to you briefly the features you will lose in Crowdfundly if you delete an organization. If you click the ‘Yes, Delete Organization’ button, your organization will be deleted. Note that this step cannot be undone.

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By following these basic steps, you can easily delete an organization in Crowdfundly within a matter of minutes. If you want, you can also delete an account in Crowdfundly.

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