How To Create Policies’ Pages In Crowdfundly?

When you are running a crowdfunding organization, you may need to include a refund policies page, a terms and conditions page, or privacy policies page to build credibility among contributors and fundraisers.

With Crowdfundly, you can easily create a terms and conditions page or a policies page with a single click.

To create policies page in Crowdfundly, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Go to Settings from Dashboard #

Sign in to your organization account in Crowdfundly and head over to your dashboard. Afterwards, click on the ‘Settings’ tab on your left-hand side-bar as shown below.


You will be redirected to a new page. From here, select the ‘Policies’ tab. You will find the option to include pages for refund policy, terms & conditions policy, and privacy policy individually.

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Step 2: Create A Privacy Policy Page #

From your ‘Settings’ page, you can now create a privacy policy page by simply checking the ‘Privacy Policy’ checkbox as shown below. This will open up an editor where you can add your privacy policies. Click on the ‘Save’ button to update your changes.

Step 3: Add A Refund Policy Page #

If you are allowing refunds for contributions to your campaigns in Crowdfundly, you can create a refund policy page by simply navigating to Settings–> Policies and clicking on the ‘Refund Policy‘ checkbox as shown below.

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Afterwards, add the content for your refund policies page and click on the ‘Save’ button to update your changes.

Step 4: Create A Terms & Conditions Page #

You can create a terms & conditions page using the same steps shown above. Navigate to Settings–> Policies from your Crowdfundly dashboard and click on the ‘Terms & Conditions’ checkbox. Add the content for your terms & conditions page, and then save your changes.

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You can now check your policies page in Crowdfundly by clicking on the ‘View Organization’ button on your dashboard and scrolling down to the footer area of your page.

This is how you can create a policies page in Crowdfundly for your terms and conditions, refund policies, and privacy policies.

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