How To Check Online Contributions In Crowdfundly

After you have created a crowdfunding campaign or a donation based charity campaign for your organization in Crowdfundly, you have the option to check online contributions for those campaigns straight from your dashboard by following these instructions below.

Step 1: Log in to your Crowdfundly profile, and head over to your organization’s dashboard. On the dashboard’s left sidebar you will find the ‘Online Contribution’ tab. Click on this tab to check online contributions for any campaign that you have created in Crowdfundly.

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Step 2:  Here you will see a full list of all the online contributions that you have received for your campaigns in Crowdfundly. You also have a ‘Filter By’ option to sort through these contributions to see which were made successfully, which have been refunded and more.

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This is how you can check online contributions in Crowdfundly.

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