How To Check Offline Contributions In Crowdfundly

With Crowdfundly you have the option to check offline contributions for any campaign. This means that if a contributor supports your campaign offline or in-person, you can add offline contribution for that campaign from your dashboard. Once these contributions have been added, you can check them later by following the instructions below.

Step 1: First, log in to your account in Crowdfundly. Navigate to your organization profile from the top bar. It will take you to your organization’s dashboard. From here, go to the ‘Offline Contributions’ tab. There you can see all your offline contributions in one place.


Step 2: You can check offline contributions in this page and view details such as campaign name, date, amount and time, contributor name, and email address in Crowdfundly. You can also search for specific offline contributions based on a particular keyword in the ‘Search Here’ input field.

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This is how you can check offline contributions in Crowdfundly.

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