How To Do Anonymous Contribution In Crowdfundly

Sometimes, sponsors or donators wish to remain anonymous when they donate to a campaign. In this case, they want to contribute anonymously. In every Crowdfundly campaign, anyone can do anonymous contribution if they want. Follow these steps below to do this:                                                                        

Step 1: Choose Any Campaign In Crowdfundly  #

First, you have to create a contributor profile in Crowdfundly if you want to do anonymous contributions. Go to the campaign you want to contribute to. Hit the ‘Back It’ button (in case of reward based campaign) or the ‘Contribute Now’ button (in case of donation based campaign).

anonymous contribution

Step 2: Make Your Anonymous Contribution In Crowdfundly #

After completing the above step, you will be taken to a new page. You can select a contribution amount from the suggested amounts or input the amount you want to contribute to the campaign. Then hit ‘Continue’. 

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On the next page, you will find the option to do an anonymous contribution. You can include Tips for fundraisers if you want. You can add a wish note to the fundraiser in the ‘Message’ input field. Your image, name, and email id information will be taken automatically from your contributor profile. Check the ‘Give Anonymously?’ option if you don’t want to reveal your personal information (name, image, email).

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Hit the ‘Contribute($X)’ button to finish the transaction on a Crowdfundly campaign.

Step 3: View Your Anonymous Contributions In Campaigns  #

After completing all the steps of the transaction, your contribution to that particular campaign is done. This contribution will showcase in your contributor profile and campaign details page. To see your anonymous contribution to the campaign, go to the ‘Browse All Campaign’ from Crowdfundly, and select the campaign. On the campaign details page, go to the ‘Activity’ tab, there you will find your anonymous contribution.

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By following these basic steps, you can easily do anonymous contribution in Crowdfundly within a matter of minutes.

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