How To Add Offline Contributions In Crowdfundly

Crowdfundly gives you the opportunity to add offline contributions to your campaigns. Adding offline contributions to your Crowdfundly account helps you to keep track of contributions that occurred offline or in-person, and maintain transparency. Follow these easy steps to add offline contributions to Crowdfundly.

Step 01: Add Offline Contributions To Your Ongoing Campaigns #

Log in to Crowdfundly. Select your organization from the top menu bar dropdown. From the organization dashboard, select ‘Campaigns’ from the left sidebar. 

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Note that you can add offline contributions to any campaigns in Crowdfundly. In the ‘Campaigns’ tab, you will find all your published and unpublished campaign lists. Select the campaign you want to add offline contributions to. Choose the gear icon of that campaign from the right side and click ‘Manage’ from the dropdown. It will take you to the details of the campaign. 


Go to ‘Offline Contributions’ from the campaign detail dashboard. You can add offline contributions by yourself as well as your other team members. Click ‘+Add’ from the top right side to add offline contributions. It will open a pop-up window.


Add your offline contributor’s Name, Email, Address, and offline contribution amount. If your contributor has instructed you not to disclose his or her name, then you can toggle on the ‘Is Anonymous’ option. After providing all the necessary details, hit the ‘Add Contribution’ button. 

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Step 02:View Your Added Offline Contributions In Crowdfundly #

Your offline contributions have been added to your campaign. To see your newly added offline contributions, go to your campaign detail dashboard and navigate to ‘Offline Contributions’ from the left sidebar.

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You can also check offline contributions for your campaigns as shown below.

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By following these basic steps, you can easily add offline contributions to Crowdfundly within a matter of minutes.

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