Winners Of The Crowdfunly ‘Pre-launch Giveaway’ campaign!

We are very excited to announce the winners of our ‘Pre-launch Giveaway’ campaign! We are giving away 10 (ten) copies of our Crowdfund.ly license, and it’s absolutely free! The winners can pick any from our standard packages.

The story started this January 2021; we run a private pre-launch campaign. Among all participants, we randomly select TEN lucky winners.

Please meet with our luckiest winners 🤩

  • akmaldanielhas*****m@.com
  • aryans*****a@.com
  • digital*****u@.com
  • allcastingmagaz*****e@.com
  • ro*****n@.com
  • hanuman8hanum*****n@.com
  • taimoorkib*****a@.com
  • m*****j@.io
  • sinni*****z@.com
  • jrl*****n@.com

#Crowdfundly is an all-in-one digital crowdfunding solution. Build to help you with any kind of fundraising, whether you are raising funds for donation or want to crowdfund a project. You could use it for your charitable organization or build your Kickstarter website using Crowdfund.ly.

Got a question? Feel free to contact us.

Arifur Rahman Naim

Arifur Rahman Naim

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