How to Create Your Own Crowdfunding Campaign Like Indiegogo [2022]

May 30, 2021

Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Do you want to build your own crowdfunding platform that will work a lot like Indiegogo, but with more flexibility? Well, that’s where Crowdfundly comes in. With Crowdfundly, you can make your own crowdfunding platform like Indiegogo, and even go a step further with its advanced features.

Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign

This all-in-one digital fundraising solution has the potential to become the next big thing in the crowdfunding world. You can use Crowdfundly to create your own campaigns, build a fundraising organization, create your own branded landing pages, create and manage a fundraising team, and much more.

Alternative To Indiegogo?

Despite the fact that Indiegogo has created one of the largest crowdfunding platforms, there are some reasons why Indiegogo may not be your ideal choice. Suppose you have a good cause and want to start a fundraising project, but you don’t know where to begin. Indiegogo may appear to be overwhelming because it maintains various types of qualifying criteria before allowing you to launch a campaign.  

Moreover, as Indiegogo’s target market is entrepreneurs, there must be a mutual agreement between the campaigners and the backers which may not be desirable to everyone. Instead, you can choose Crowdfundly to run any type of campaign, be it a donation-based campaign or a reward-based campaign.

And this is just the beginning. Crowdfundly also comes with several more features to give you full flexibility over your fundraising projects. Let’s dive in and see how you can use Crowdfundly to build your own fundraising campaign like Indiegogo.

Develop A Plan For Your Digital Fundraising 

With the development of technologies, collecting donations has become easier. But before you start looking into digital fundraising platforms, you have to go step-by-step to create a thorough plan. Starting from analyzing your target audience to creating a story, you have to plan everything beforehand.

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Decide Your Campaign Type 

When you are about to launch a campaign, you must first decide on the type of campaign you want to run. You can decide if it is for any fun event, disaster relief, animal welfare, or some other type of funding. This step is very important because you will eventually research your target audience based on the type of campaign you will choose. 

Choose Payment Methods For Collecting Funds

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We are living in a time where we are flooded with choices. When it comes to collecting money, we have multiple options. You have the option of collecting funds only from online donors or from both online and offline donors. Similarly, you can choose whether to set up payment methods with PayPal, bank transfers, or Stripe. So choose your method for collecting funds wisely as you have to build your later plan based on this decision.

Create Your Campaigns And Start Fundraising

Finally, after you have decided what type of campaigns you want to raise funds for, and which payment methods you want to go for, it is time to create your fundraising campaigns.

Now there are tons of websites like Indiegogo that will offer you different options to create campaigns. But if you want the most flexibility, then why not build your fundraising platform with Crowfundly? Here’s what you can do with Crowdfundly, and why you should choose it to build crowdfunding campaigns like Indiegogo.

1. Raise Funds For Variety Of Causes

Just like Indiegogo, you can raise funds for many types of causes. But, while Indiegogo is more focused on entrepreneurs, Crowdfundly enables you to create two types of fundraising campaigns. After you’ve created your organization account, you can choose between donation-based and reward-based campaigns in the campaign types menu. When you need to raise funds for a charitable cause, you can use the donation-based campaign.

Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

For example, you may wish to raise funds for underprivileged children from rural areas, or you may wish to assist flood-affected populations who require immediate assistance from others. These could be some charitable causes that raise awareness among the general public. Through this solution, you can create awareness too.

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

In the case of reward-based campaigns, you give your contributors a reason to donate and help you reach your goal. When they make a donation to you, you provide the promised reward.

You can easily set up campaigns like this using Crowdfundly’s Campaign Assistance. The setup procedure is very straightforward and easy to follow. All you have to do is follow the instructions and fill in the blanks. Creating your campaigns has never been easier.

2. Attract Donors With Branded Pages

Attracting donor’s attention is very important because if you do not get enough attention, you will struggle to create connections and build relationships with people. That is why Crowdfundly lets you create beautiful, branded campaign pages and fundraiser pages.

You can even choose from some ready themes and make your campaign page stand out by adding images, videos and much more.

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This is another way you get more flexibility with Crowdfundly to create your own fundraising platform like Indiegogo.

3. Seamless Integration With Popular Payment Methods

Crowdfundly makes it easy for the organizers to create crowdfunding campaigns and raise funds. You can collect funds from international donors through various payment methods. For example, you can easily set up payment methods with popular platforms like Stripe and PayPal.

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4. Monitor The Performance Of Your Campaigns 

You can quickly calculate the success of your campaigns using Crowdfundly’s built-in Analytics tool. From the campaign manager option, you’ll find a ‘Statistics’ tab. This feature will provide you with a complete performance report.

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5. Share Your Campaign Brochure On Social Media

Any form of campaign should have a social media presence because it will attract more interest from the general public. You can post your campaign brochure on social media to attract a larger audience. 

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Crowdfundly’s shared content will include a QR code that people can scan to go straight to your campaign page. Or you can simply share the campaign as a link on your social media account. 

You can also update your campaign brochure in Crowdfundly. This feature is important because after launching a campaign you might need to add some extra information to your brochure. You can easily configure it just by going through a few clicks.

6. Streamline Your Fundraising Tasks And Workflow

Keeping a smooth workflow and managing a fundraising team is a difficult challenge. Crowdfundly allows you to quickly create and manage roles so you can manage your crowdfunding campaigns and related tasks smoothly.. You can add team members and assign them roles to make sure your fundraising tasks are being carried out as planned.

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How To Build Your Fundraising Website Using Crowdfundly?

This is where the fun part begins. We will show you how you can open a Crowdfundly account and launch your own crowdfunding campaign on your newly created website. That’s right. You can create a stunning fundraising platform like Indiegogo with a few clicks.

Step 1: Create A Contributor Profile In Crowdfundly

First, head over to the Crowdfundly website and click on “Get Started For Free”. It will take to page where you can choose to get started for free, or select any of our flexible pricing plans.

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After selecting your plan, add all the required information and then verify your email address to create your contributor profile in Crowdfundly.

Step 2: Add Your Organization With Details 

The next step is to go to your profile and select “Add Organization”. You can create multiple organizations at a time from here. As your Crowdfundly account is fully ready, this step is essential if you want to create a fundraising organization and launch a crowdfunding campaign like Indiegogo.

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Now you can provide basic information about your organization. Set a suitable name for your organization and give a detailed but precise description. It will clear up any doubt of the donors when they see your campaign.


Step 3: Create Your Crowdfunding Campaign 

Crowdfundly gives you the freedom to launch any type of campaign you want. You can include a donation-based campaign in which people can donate any amount they want, as well as a reward-based campaign in which you can reward people for helping you reach your goal. After logging into your organization account, click the “Add New Campaign” button as shown below. 

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Step 4: Preview Your Published Campaign 

As you have launched a campaign successfully, it is time to preview the website. The preview option will help you to see if you want to make any changes or not. You can always go back and change settings.

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This is how you can use Crowdfundly to create your own crowdfunding campaign like Indiegogo with just a few simple steps.

Unlock All Exclusive Features Of Crowdfundly

People’s online activities are increasing all the time, so digitalizing the fundraising process is a no-brainer. To maintain this new practice, begin using Crowdfundly, an incredible fundraising solution for reaching national and international donors. Without a doubt, Crowdfundly is an amazing alternative for Indiegogo.

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