Guide & Tips: How To Raise Awareness For A Cause?

September 23, 2021

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It’s hard to raise awareness for a cause when it’s not a common issue or probably it’s something that people don’t want to talk about. Now the question is: how you can raise awareness?  To help you, we’re presenting our ultimate guide & tips to raise awareness for campaigns easily.

raise awareness

Challenges You May Face When Trying To Raise Awareness For A Cause

Knowing what challenges await you when trying to raise awareness for a campaign or a cause will help you prepare in advance. Hence, before we jump into tips & advice for raising awareness for your cause, let’s talk about the challenges fundraisers typically face.

🛑 Unable To Build Credibility Among Users

The main reason behind failing to raise awareness about campaigns is that fundraisers are unable to build credibility and strong opinion among others. If you can’t gain trust for your cause, ultimately it will be harder to get a petition or raise funds. Lack of strong language and choosing the wrong channel for raising awareness are also the two biggest reasons for not gaining credibility.  

🛑 Not Getting Enough Reach For The  Cause

Suppose your cause is strong and valid enough to build credibility. But if you can’t reach the potential leads, ultimately you can’t manage enough crowd and funding for your cause. The main reason again here is not choosing the right channel to promote the awareness campaign. While you get less reach for your cause, there is a chance that it can go in vain. 

🛑 Failure To Manage Awareness Campaigns Structurally 

If you have enough resources and reach your awareness campaign, it can still result in failure if you can’t manage it structurally, i.e., in a planned and organized manner. Running an awareness campaign is a big responsibility, as you have to manage a lot of people at a time. So, being unable to do it structurally is a big challenge. 

Ultimate Guide To Raise Awareness For A Cause: 10+ Tips

To make your awareness campaign successful, you have to overcome the above-mentioned challenges. Let’s look at the guide & tips to raise awareness for a cause. 

Promote Your Cause Through Online Campaigns

In this age of connectivity, promoting your cause through online campaigns is the fastest way to get the word out and raise awareness about your cause. Here are some guides & tips on how to promote your cause through online campaigns. 

➡️ Use Online, Advanced Fundraising Platforms

The first tip to make your awareness campaign successful is to use digital fundraising platforms. Such platforms usually come with essential, advanced features that make it easier for you to raise awareness about your cause. So if you create an online campaign on a fundraising platform, it will help you to get the most exposure for your cause.

You can run online campaigns for free from Crowdfundly fundraising solution. This popular campaign platform has all the features that you will need to run your awareness campaign smoothly.

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➡️ Share Campaigns On Social Media Platforms & Forums

Only creating online campaigns will not give you enough reach. The next thing you have to do is share your awareness campaign on multiple social media platforms as well as online forums. Depending on the category of your cause or awareness campaign, you can research and select the most suitable social platforms and promote your cause there. This will help you to effectively raise awareness for your cause. 

On a short note, Crowdfundly fundraising platform provides you the opportunity to share your created online campaigns instantly on multiple social networks. 

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Design Branded Merchandise To Raise Awareness

Branded merchandise is an excellent way to raise awareness about a cause. For example, if you sell branded T-shirts that carry your fundraising organization’s logo, or even the slogan of your campaign, then people who buy and wear those shirts will be automatically spreading awareness about your campaign wherever they go.

Here are some tips on how to use custom branded merchandise to raise awareness about your cause.

➡️ Come Up With A Consistent, Catchy Slogan

Your words are the main tool that will send people to your awareness campaign and make your cause successful. So you have to pick a nice and catchy slogan for your cause. Don’t forget to use that slogan for your social share messages and in online campaign’s headlines as well. 

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➡️ Design & Distribute Merchandise

To make a strong movement, spreading your awareness campaign widely by designing merchandise will help you a lot. You can print t-shirts and other cool swags for your cause. If you can distribute your merchandise properly, it will help you to raise awareness successfully. 

➡️ Partner With Brands That Share Similar Purpose

Another good way to boost awareness for your cause through the merchandise is by getting partnerships with well-known brands. As popular brands already have a huge market share, they will be a great help for your cause. 

Here’s a popular example. RedBull and GoPro have both become lifestyle brands – brands associated with an extreme, action-packed lifestyle that’s both adventurous and fearless. In marketing campaigns, especially ones that surround action sports, they are the perfect partner for their shared values. You can implement the same strategy for your awareness campaign as well. 

Spark Donors’ Interest With Insightful Content

To raise awareness for a cause, your motive can’t be only gathering mass people’s sentiment; you will need to get donors to run the awareness campaign successfully. Here are some guides & tips to make more donors interested in your cause. 

➡️ Generate Impactful Content For All

You should not only create slogans but also additional content that will easily grab your donors’ attention. Such as, you can send impactful emails to collect donations, share blog posts related to the cause you are trying to promote, and so on. If you can generate categorized content for different types of people, then it will help you to raise awareness for your cause successfully. 

➡️ Share The Present Updates Of Your Campaign

People who believe in your cause and have contributed to the awareness campaign, are also interested to know about the campaign updates. So, you can represent your campaign’s present updates beautifully both in your online and offline campaigns. 

Here is an example of how you can share your online campaign-related updates with Crowdfundly platform. Check it out. 

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➡️ Run Reward-Based Awareness Campaigns

All the above-mentioned guides & tips are perfectly applicable to any donor. But what if you gave incentives to your donors to help your cause? To do this successfully, you can run reward-based awareness campaigns, where contributors are rewarded for helping you reach your fundraising goal. You can also set different types of rewards based on contribution amount. 

Check out how your reward-based campaigns will look if you created with Crowdfundly: 

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Physical Event Ideas To Boost Donations

Do you want to create more involvement to raise awareness for your cause? Then you mustn’t overlook these helpful guides & tips. 

➡️ Host Offline Fundraising Events For Locals

Along with your online awareness campaign, you can run offline fundraising events also. These offline events can help you directly get in touch with potential donors, raise awareness about your cause and collect funding. You can focus on hosting events in your local community for your awareness campaign, which will make everyone interested in your cause and make the movement more successful. 

➡️ Share Awareness With Government Officials

To collect donations and host your offline fundraising events, you will need permission from government officials. To stay one step ahead, you can make government officials part of your awareness campaign and collaborate with them. Every local or state government has funds for awareness campaigns. You can represent your cause there and raise awareness for your cause easily. 

Try To Make The Awareness Campaign Viral On Social Media

As the whole world is now using social media platforms, you should make the best out of it for your campaign as well. Here is sharing some proven guides & tips to make your awareness campaign viral and trending. 

➡️ Get Influencers Or Celebrities To Promote Your Cause

Who doesn’t follow the events that have celebrity involvements? If you can include celebrities in your awareness campaigns, that will instantly get viral and help you to get the funds that you need. It is not uncommon for celebrities to be involved in charities and support humanitarian causes; Ellen DeGeneres and Bono, for example, both support over 50 charitable organizations. Donations and participation can be increased substantially by involving a celebrity in your fundraiser. 

Although big-name celebrities may be beyond the budget and resources of most fundraisers, especially those with limited resources, micro-influencers are still a wonderful way to raise awareness about your cause. Find out which micro-influencer would be able to create the most impact for your cause and get in touch with them to boost awareness about your campaigns.

➡️ Create Viral Video Challenges

Creating viral video challenges is the most trending way to get noticed for any cause on social media. We all remember the ice bucket challenge! Brainstorm and create an innovative video challenge, so that people participate in it. It will also help you to get more traction on your online campaign as well as raise awareness for your cause. 

Enjoy this ice bucket challenge by Bill Gates for raising awareness and donations for people diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). 

Raise Awareness For Your Campaigns Effortlessly With Digital Crowdfunding Platforms 🚀

To implement all these amazing guides & tips successfully, getting a digital crowdfunding solution will be a great help. You can easily implement these guidelines & tips with Crowdfundly. So get started with your awareness campaign today. 

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