Beginner Guide: How To Create A Donation Website For Nonprofit Organization [2022]

May 12, 2021

donation website

Creating a donation website is a great way to get the word out to people about your campaigns and raise funds faster. Recent statistics show that 54% of worldwide contributors prefer to donate online and each year the number is increasing. That means donors and fundraisers are moving to online solutions. So if you have not created a donation website for your nonprofit organization yet, now is the time to get started.

donation website

A nonprofit campaign website will save your time and money while helping you build relationships with contributors. This is because a contributor might feel more comfortable donating to the same donation website, where he has donated before.

According to The Guardian, charitable giving through donation campaigns has increased by 41% worldwide compared to last year. So to create an impact on your community,you can create a donation website and organize independent campaigns. Let’s explore the reasons and benefits of having a donation website for nonprofits and how to create one. 

Why Should You Create A Donation Website for Nonprofit Organization? 

Donation Website

When you are running a nonprofit organization, you will need to run campaigns, raise funds for various noble causes. If you want to manage your donation campaigns online, then a donation website can help you in creating an online presence and managing everything from one place. This section is for you if you are wondering why your nonprofit organization should have a donation website. 

  • When you are running any donation campaigns, contributors always want to check the credibility of the campaign first. If you have a donation website, then they can check out all the detailed information and be able to put their trust in your nonprofit organization.
  • No campaigns can succeed without proper promotion in the right way. A donation website can help you out in this case, as by sharing the URL of your donation website, you can run several promotional campaigns for your charity or donation. 
  • The aim of running a donation campaign is not to only collect contributions but also you can analyze all contributions in real time. It will help you to make instant decisions for receiving more donations online. 
  • Contributors feel eager to communicate with fundraisers to discuss the donation campaign or how they can contribute more. 45% of worldwide donors are enrolled in a monthly giving program. A donation website is a medium of digital communication between fundraisers and contributors and works as a bridge.    

How To Start Creating A Donation Website

A donation website will help you to promote your donation campaigns. Let’s find out how you can create a donation website for nonprofit organizations and start creating campaigns right away. 

Choose The Right Fundraising Platform 

To run a successful donation campaign, you have to choose a suitable fundraising platform so that you can create, manage, and maintain your campaigns for any nonprofit organization directly all in one place. . 

To run successful campaigns and create your donation website instantly, you can go for Crowdfundly, an advanced, digital fundraising solution. With Crowdfundly, you can create a free donation website and run successful fundraising campaigns for nonprofits. 

Donation Website

There are amazing features to manage your donation campaigns successfully in Crowdfundly. It can manage both online and offline contributions, lets you communicate directly with contributors, manage tips, set rewards, include multiple fundraisers to manage unlimited contributors, and much more. 

Let’s find out how you can create a donation website for nonprofit organizations with Crowdfundly. Follow all steps to get started with a successful donation campaign. 

Step 1: Sign Up For An Account On Crowdfundly

To create your donation website with Crowdfundly, you have to sign up for an account on Crowdfundly. After creating an account, you can easily add an organization and start setting up your campaigns. 

First, visit Crowdfundly website and choose a pricing plan. After selecting the pricing plan, fill up all your required information and hit the ‘Pay Now’ button. 

Donation Website

Your new account will be created in Crowdfundly. Now verify your email to get started. 

Step 2: Create & Set Up Your Organization Profile

You have to create your nonprofit organization profile on Crowdfundly before creating your donation website. From the top menu bar, click ‘Add organization’. It will take you to a new page. 

Donation Website

Now input your nonprofit organization’s name, user name, address, and organization description on this page. Make sure to check the terms and privacy policy checkboxes. Hit the ‘Save’ button after giving all information. You have successfully created your organization in Crowdfundly and are one step away from launching your donation website. 

Donation Website

Step 3: Complete Your Donation Website With Eye-Catching Contents

After setting up your organization, now you have to make your donation website eye-catching and trustworthy. You can easily do that on Crowdfundly by adding organization’s campaign images, branding materials, videos, and so on. Add your nonprofit organization logo, cover image, and other images of your organization into your Media Settings to create emotional value and to get funded easily. 

Donation Website

You can set up your payment methods for your nonprofit organization, from the Payments tab of Settings. You can integrate both Stripe and PayPal on your Crowdfundly account. Create an API key from your Stripe and PayPal accounts and integrate them and make donating easier. 

Donation Website

Add your nonprofit organization’s privacy policy and terms-conditions from Policies tab. You can integrate social media platforms for your organization like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to your Crowdfundly organization account. It will help in building credibility of your nonprofit organization.  

In Crowdfundly , you can select how your donation website will look like by selecting interactive themes. You can showcase your organization profile with so many different themes. Navigate to Setting → Themes, and select any theme you like. 

Donation Website

You can set other essential options for crowdfunding like Escrow duration, Manage tips, allow a refund, etc. Go to Settings → Crowdfunding, to make all the changes and customization. Don’t forget to hit the ‘Save’ button at the end. 

Donation Website

Time To Launch: Have A Look At Your Donation Website 

If you have followed the above steps one by one, then congratulations! You have created your nonprofit organization profile with Crowdfundly. Another cool feature of Crowdfundly is when you create an organization profile, it will open a donation website domain in the name of your nonprofit organization. 

To see what your donation website looks like, hit the ‘View Organization’ from your Crowdfundly dashboard and your donation website will look like this. You can share the URL in social media, emails to reach your contributors and create a positive impact about your nonprofit organization. 

Donation Website

All your ongoing and running donation campaigns will be displayed on your donation website too. Want to find out how to create donation campaigns with  Crowdfundly? Check out the tutorial below. 

How To Create Donation Campaigns With Crowdfundly

The main purpose of having a donation website for your nonprofit organization is to raise more funds for your donation campaigns and get the word out about the causes you are supporting. After creating your donation website, let’s create your first donation campaign in Crowdfunly. To do this, follow the steps below one by one. 

Step 1: Add A New Campaign In Crowdfundly

First, log in to your Crowdfundly organization account. Click on the  ‘Campaigns’ tab from your dashboard. Now click on the ‘Add New Campaign’ button and start creating your first donation campaign. 

Donation Website

It’s time to set your campaign details. With Crowdfundly, you can create donation-based campaigns, or reward-based campaigns where you provide rewards to the highest contributors. Set your campaign category and select the cause you are interested in to run the donation campaign and give your campaign a title. Make sure your campaign’s title is captivating. It will create both empathy and sympathy among the campaign visitors. 

Donation Website

Step 2: Set Your Fundraising Target & Deadline

When you are running a donation campaign for a noble reason, you need to set a fundraising target and deadline. Only then your donation campaign will be called successful if you reach the target amount of contributions. Write down your fundraising target amount and hit the ‘Next’ button. Now set your donation campaign finishing date. If you do not want to set any deadline, then simply choose the ‘Ongoing (no deadline) fundraise’ option.

Donation Website

Step 3: Create Your Story Behind Running The Campaign

It’s the last step of creating your donation campaign. Add your donation campaign related image from the dashboard. It will help to build the credibility of your campaign, add emotional value to it. Now describe the noble cause behind your donation campaign, the impulse to begin it, and all other related events. 

Donation Website

Publish Your Donation Campaign 

After completing all the steps, now hit ‘Publish Your Campaign’. Congratulations! Your first donation campaign has been published. Now share the donation website link with others and keep collecting contributions. 

Donation Website

Bonus: Create Your Donation Website Instantly With Ready Templates

If you already have a WordPress donation website, or you’re planning to create one, then you can use these stunning, ready Elementor templates.

Elementor page builder has made the website creating experience easier than ever. With it’s drag and drop feature you can make a complete functioning website. Moreover, you can see a live preview of all your customizations and modifications. 

Going for Elementor templates is the best decision, as you won’t have to worry about the colors, designs, and layouts of each web page. One of the best resources for Elementor templates is Templately. It has more than 1000+ ready Elementor templates to make your website creating an experience more smooth and time saving. 

You can create an entire donation website instantly without coding, with Templately. Check out these beautifully designed, ready donation website templates to pick one for your donation website. 

donation website

DoNation Charity Template

This DoNation website template pack offers comes with several ready pages for charities such as animal charities, health charities, education charities, fundraising, donations, non-profits, or other non-profits to build their website on online mediums. 

donation website

Hope Non-profit Website Template

Hope nonprofit website template is a mobile-friendly, attractive, and fast loading WordPress template pack for non-profit, charities, non-profit organizations, fundraising, and donations websites. 

Donation Website

TrustAid Charity Website Template

TrustAid is a stunning, clean, responsive WordPress template pack built for Elementor. It is specifically designed for non-profit organizations, charities, donations, and fundraising websites. 

With a multi-functional fundraising platform like Crowdfundly, you create a donation page for any nonprofit organization, easily reach your donation campaign goal, and make your campaign successful. 

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donation website

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