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[Growth Hack] How To Use Social Proof Notification To Get More Donation

November 25, 2021

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Hi. I’m Seth Godin. I’m a teacher, and I do projects. For more than thirty years, I’ve been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up – Seth Godin

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A list looks like this:

  • Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  • Do Permission Marketing
  • Invent, Implement and Sell the Ideas
  • Sell What People Want, Not What They Need
  • Keep Your Customers Happy
  • Deliver Basic Human Wants

A list looks like this:

  1. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  2. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  3. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  4. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  5. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  6. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell

Did you know, using engaging social proof notifications from already successful fundraising campaigns is an effective strategy to drive more donations? You have that right – if you have a crowdfunding website, you can now effortlessly leverage all donations, comments on blog posts, and more to instantly boost the number of donations you get. And in this blog, we will tell you exactly how to.

For any crowdfunding platform, it is extremely important to gain donor’s trust and show credibility. And we believe, using social proof notifications is the best strategy to use. Donors will be able to see others donating or engaging with your fundraising campaigns and will instantly feel more confident about giving generous amounts to your organization as well.

In this blog, we will walk you through the entire process of using social proof in crowdfunding organizations – all the way from understanding what social proof is to how you can use dedicated tools to leverage them. To find out more, keep on reading.

What Do We Understand By Social Proof In Crowdfunding?

So before we get into using social proof to grow your crowdfunding business organization, you need to clearly understand what we mean by ‘Social Proof’.

In very simple words, social proof is the concept that people, like yourself, will assume and try to reflect the actions of others – a phenomenon where other people’s actions and opinions have a great influence on your own. In other words, when you are unsure of what to do in a situation, you are more than likely to take a look at your peers and try to recreate or follow their course of action, assuming they know better than you.

social proof notification

It’s basically the idea that consumers will look at reviews and testimonials before making a purchasing decision, moviegoers will watch a film only after viewing all how well it has rated, or customers will go to a buzzing restaurant compared to an empty one. And in the exact same manner, the concept of social media exists in crowdfunding, too.

It can be a very influential marketing tool to increase donations for any crowdfunding organization. You might be wondering, how so? Well, new donors might not be too trusting of a fundraising campaign and its cause. However, the same donors will be instantly encouraged to make the donations when they see others doing so, too.  

How To Use Social Proof To  Effortlessly Gain Donor’s Attention?

Now that we understand what social proof in crowdfunding is, the question arises on how this strong source of credibility can be leveraged into gaining more donors and getting more donations effortlessly.  

💰 Show Live Notification Alerts For Donations & Site Engagements

For the greatest impact on potential donors, you can opt to display interactive, live notifications on your crowdfunding website. When website visitors see live donations notices, they gain a sense of trust while your website gets a sense of activeness. All of which contribute to a donor’s decision of whether or not to donate.

These alerts can be little popup notifications that appear on your site’s pages and posts, instantly catching the attention of anyone visiting your site. And they do not have the same repetitive type of alert either, you can switch things up by displaying notification alerts that show live donations, or comments on the engaging blog posts on your website, or email subscriptions whenever a new donor joins your newsletter.

Regardless of the type, displaying live notifications is enough to convince a large audience to come forward and be a part of your fundraising cause through strong social proof.

💬 Display Engaging Donors, Volunteers & Impact Testimonials

Apart from live social proof notifications, you can also showcase engaging testimonials from your supporters – which includes the top and recurring donors at your organization, as well as the volunteers and sponsors. You can even add a complete testimonial page on your website dedicated to boosting social proof and credibility so that you can easily get new donors to donate to your crowdfunding platform.

On the other hand, you can also have a testimonial page dedicated to showcasing the positive impacts their donation has brought to the community. This way the existing donors will know that their hard-earned money has not gone to waste, while new donors will be encouraged to start donating. Either way, social proof will help to get much more donations for your organization.

📢 Promote Top Donors On Your Website & Social Media Platforms

Another amazing way you can leverage social proof to get more donations is by giving by promoting your supporters on your website as well as all possible social platforms. You can share featured posts about key donors or volunteers with in-depth shoutout posts on your social media feeds such as Twitter and Instagram.

How will this help you may be wondering? Again, donors will be encouraged to follow in the footsteps of the top, most generous supporters of your campaigns and want their names upon the promotion posts as well.

Display Live Social Proof Alerts On Your Site Using NotificationX

So, finally, we want to give you a step-by-step breakdown of how you can easily showcase powerful live donation notification alerts or blog post comment alerts on your website. Keep reading for the complete guide:

To display engaging and highly interactive live notification alerts on your WordPress websites, we recommend the best social proof marketing solution – NotificationX. It brings you the outstanding facility to display stunning popup alerts for any type of notifications you want to leverage into getting more conversions.

You will be able to display live notifications every time a user or website visitor leaves a positive and impactful comment on any of your blog posts. You will also get the facilities to show social proof notices when anyone subscribes to your email or newsletter. But most importantly, you can display amazing live donation alerts. Visit NotificationX documentation to learn how you can do it all.

But to make things more streamlined for you, we are going to take this chance to give you a step-by-step guide on how you can use NotificationX integrations with the very powerful donation platform- GiveWP to showcase donation alerts on your website.

Note: Make sure that you have installed and configured the GiveWP plugin on your website.

Step 1: Add A New Notification & Pick A Source

To display live donation alerts from GiveWP, first, you need to navigate on ‘NotificationX’ → ‘All NotificationX’ → ‘Add New’, on your WordPress website’s dashboard. Or you can also simply go to the ‘Add New’ tab from the sidebar.

From here, you will be redirected to the ‘Source’ tab page of NotificationX where you will have to choose ‘Donations’ as your notification type and select ‘Give’ as your notification’s source.

social proof notifications

Step 2: Configure The Notification Settings

Next, you will be redirected to the ‘Design’ tab where you can choose a premade ‘theme’ or template as the layout of the GiveWP donation alerts. You can also customize further using the ‘Advanced Designs’ option easily and add styling to your design, choose image appearance, and typography.

Afterward, you will be taken to the ‘Content’ tab where you can modify your ‘Notification Template’ and add your preferred content text to display the name of the donors who have donated via the GiveWP form on that certain day.

Moreover, you can even track the various types of campaigns through NotificationX as well and configure the ‘UTM Control’ option to add ‘Campaign’, ‘Medium’, and ‘Source’ to your notification popup.

Next, you will be redirected to the ‘Display’ tab, there are two available sections: Image & Visibility. Here, you can display the default image or avatar in the ‘Image’ section in the notification popup from the ‘Image’ section. And then from the ‘Visibility’ section, you can set the pages where you want to display the GiveWP Donation alert, restrict the notification popup based on certain user roles.

social proof notification

Then, under the ‘Customize’ tab, you can set the position for GiveWP Donation Alert on your website and set custom dimensions. You also get full facility to set durations for your popup social proof notifications. Or, if you want to display multiple types of notifications, you can also activate the ‘Global Queue Management’ option using the NotificationX PRO package.  

Not only that, but you can also choose to display the number of donations made for certain past days or add a sound alert to further ensure your website users never miss an alert.

social proof marketing

And that’s it, this is how easily you can display stunning social proof notifications for each and every donation that takes place on your website with complete ease. Once you publish this custom social proof notification, the final outcome would look like something like this:

Check out this in-depth documentation to learn in more detail and showcase stunning social proof notifications of live donations with ease. But of course, do keep in mind, you can always display comment notifications, subscription alerts, and more in case you do not use ‘GiveWP’ as your crowdfunding platform.

Bonus: Display Donation Notifications On Any Site Across All Domains

And finally, following up on the previous line, with NotificationX PRO on your WordPress site, you get the exclusive facility to easily display live donation alerts on any of your websites across all domains with ease.

NotificationX brings you the outstanding feature ‘Cross Domain Notices’ with which you can display the engaging social proof notification alerts on your crowdfunding website, as well as any other WordPress or non-WordPress website you own. It will not only help to build traffic but also get you many more donors, subscribers and supporters.

Social Proof Notification 3

And with that, we want to conclude our ultimate guide on how you can grow your crowdfunding platform and use social proof notifications to get more donations. We hope this blog was helpful to you, let us know of your experience if you use any of these strategies by commenting below.

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