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10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists

November 6, 2023

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Hi. I’m Seth Godin. I’m a teacher, and I do projects. For more than thirty years, I’ve been trying to turn on lights, inspire people and teach them how to level up – Seth Godin

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  • Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  • Do Permission Marketing
  • Invent, Implement and Sell the Ideas
  • Sell What People Want, Not What They Need
  • Keep Your Customers Happy
  • Deliver Basic Human Wants

A list looks like this:

  1. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  2. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  3. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  4. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  5. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell
  6. Marketing Is about The Stories You Tell

Making money from your art career is as simple as rocket science. Artists like you live the life of your dreams, living somewhere in the mountains, painting landscapes and sipping coffees. Far away from all the struggles and troubles of the world. Unless, you open your eyes and realize it’s just a dream. 

And that is why it’s very important to generate passive income streams for artists in order to design your life and come somewhere close to that dream. While artists enjoy making art, the constant worry to hunt for new projects and look for more work leaves no time to work on their skill and enhance it. 

This is why, every artist needs to invest in some side hustles for artists so that they can focus more on their art and the financial aspect is sorted.

What Are Side Hustles for Artists?

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - What Are Side Hustles for Artists?

Before diving into the specific passive income streams for artists, let's clarify what passive income really means. Passive income or side hustle for artists means earning extra money without spending much time or effort on it. It's the kind of income that allows you to make money while you sleep, travel, or focus on your primary creative work. There are many ways artists can leverage to boost their income and save some time to focus on their main goal, i.e. improving their art.

Passive Income Ideas For Artists

1. Instagram

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - Instagram

It’s a sin to ignore Instagram and not cash it if you’re an artist. It’s plain ignorance to not put yourself out there and showcase your FIRE skills. If you haven’t already cashed it, go to the Instagram app right now, make a profile and upload your masterpieces for the world to see. Instagram is the fourth most popular social media app in the world and there are over 2.35 BILLION users on Instagram right now and if you’re not tapping that market you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the pie. It’s a great app to develop your personal brand, engage with your audience and sell your artwork. By consistently posting high-quality images of your artwork, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of their creative process, and leveraging relevant hashtags and trending topics, you can grow a dedicated following.

2. TikTok

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - TikTok

TikTok is the fastest growing app ever with 1 Billion monthly active users. Writers, animators, designers, singers, musicians can use this app to spread awareness and reach a billion people, engage with them and convert them into their fans. It’s an easy way to communicate with your audience, offer them your tips and suggestions and connect with them while making passive income as an artist. It’s a highly interactive platform with so much reach, almost making it irresistible for anyone looking to make extra income.

3. YouTube

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - YouTube

If you’re an artist, YouTube is another great way to generate passive income for digital artists. You can showcase your skills to your audience, offer a platform to share tips and tricks to your followers on relevant topics to add value for them. YouTube offers artists an excellent avenue for generating passive income. By creating and uploading art-related content, artists can tap into a global audience of art enthusiasts. From time-lapse videos of their creative process to tutorials on specific techniques, artists can share their expertise and passion with the world.

4. Personal Website

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - Personal Website

If you have an entrepreneurial mindset then you have to have your own website to showcase your artwork. It’s the best way to mark your name in the industry, offer your products and get the ball rolling for your passive income. There are many ecommerce websites that you can build your own store on. Shopify and Etsy are among the most popular ecommerce platforms that are easy to use and help sellers specially artists to sell their art.

5. Online Course

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - Online Course

If you’re someone well-versed in your skill and are willing to share your knowledge and expertise with the world. Selling online courses is the best way for you to generate passive income as an artist. While developing your own course can be a daunting task at first it can take a while to put it out there. Writing the content and then recording the videos can be stressful, but once you’re done the courses are out there forever and can be a great source of passive income.

6. Licensing

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - Licensing

You can also license your art to make passive income. Licensing means giving another company or individual the rights to use your artwork such as logos, graphics, photos etc which may be used on different products such as T-shirts, mugs, napkins etc You make money everytime they sell something with your artwork on the products sold. It’s important to read the agreement before signing it in order to make sure you know well how your art is going to be used. This approach allows artists to leverage their creations repeatedly without active involvement in each sale or usage. As their artwork finds its way onto a myriad of products and reaches a broader audience, artists can witness a steady influx of passive income, all while focusing on their artistic endeavors and expanding their portfolio. Licensing is an effective means for artists to monetize their work and gain recognition in diverse markets, thus securing their financial future while doing what they love.

7. Print on Demand

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - Print on Demand

Print-on-demand is a hassle-free way for artists to transform their creative designs into a source of passive income. With platforms like printful and artists can upload their artwork, which can then be printed on a wide range of products like apparel, phone cases, mugs, and more. The beauty of print-on-demand is that the artist doesn't have to worry about inventory, production, or shipping; it's all handled by the platform. As customers order products featuring the artist's designs, the artist earns a commission on each sale. This allows artists to earn money continuously, even when they're not actively promoting their work. Print-on-demand services provide a low-risk, low-cost opportunity for artists to reach a global market and turn their art into a steady stream of passive income.

8. Art Classes

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - Art Classes

Art classes are an excellent way for artists to earn side income while sharing their skills and knowledge. Artists can offer both in-person and online art classes, catering to students of all skill levels. These classes can cover various aspects of art, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, or digital art. By charging a fee for these classes, artists can generate income while helping others develop their artistic talents. Online platforms like Zoom and Teachable make it easy to host and monetize virtual art classes, and they can also be recorded and sold as pre-recorded courses for additional passive income.

9. Affiliate Marketing

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a lucrative side income opportunity for artists with an online presence. By partnering with companies that sell art supplies, books, or other art-related products, artists can promote these products to their audience and earn commissions on sales generated through their unique affiliate links. This is particularly effective if the artist already has a following interested in art materials or related products. Artists can incorporate affiliate links into their website, blog, or social media posts, and as their audience grows, so does the potential for passive income.

10. Subscription Services

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - Subscription Services

Online subscription services like Patreon, Crowdfundly, Ko-Fi and Buy Me a Coffee also offer artists a way to earn passive income. These platforms offer artists-friendly features like building a community of fans and followers, showcasing your art and gaining recognition, offering subscription tiers to most engaged fans and even sell your digital and physical products on your own shop. Among all these platforms Crowdfundly has the most relevant features for artists that too with extremely affordable pricing plans.

Mint Your Artwork

10 Easy Passive Income Ideas For Artists: Discover The Best Side Hustles For Artists - Mint Your Artwork

Minting artwork as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on blockchain platforms like Ethereum has gained popularity in recent years. By creating digital versions of their artwork and selling them as NFTs, artists can receive royalties every time their NFTs are bought or sold on the blockchain. This provides artists with a potential long-term source of passive income as their artwork gains value in the digital art market. However, it's essential to research and understand the intricacies of the NFT space and ensure that minting aligns with their artistic goals and values.


There are many ways to make passive income for artists. We’ve discussed 10 different passive income streams for artists. These side hustles for artists can help them boost their income and design the life they always dream of. The digital world has brought us many opportunities and it's upon us to grab them. Before choosing a side hustle for yourself, make sure it aligns with your artistic goals as well as your nature and personality so it’s easier for you to pursue that side hustle and you also get to enjoy the process.


How can I make $1000 a month in passive income?

You can make $1000 a month as an artist by leveraging your skills and various passive income ideas mentioned above. Joining online platforms like Crowdfundly is a great way to start as it’s super easy to use, offers various options to make money like tips and donations, selling via shop and also allows you to offer memberships to your followers.

What is the easiest way to make money as an artist?

The easiest way for artists to make money often involves leveraging their existing skills and resources. This might include selling prints of their artwork, offering art commissions, participating in local art fairs or craft markets, or teaching art classes. Online platforms, such as print-on-demand services or affiliate marketing, can also provide relatively straightforward ways for artists to earn money. However, what's "easiest" can vary depending on an artist's unique talents and circumstances.

Can I sell prints of my traditional artwork through print-on-demand services?

Yes, many print-on-demand services offer the option to sell prints of traditional artwork. You can either scan or photograph your artwork and upload it to the platform for printing on various products, allowing you to earn passive income from your traditional creations.

How can I protect my intellectual property when selling art online?

To protect your intellectual property when selling art online, consider watermarking your images, using secure platforms with copyright protection, and clearly outlining your terms and conditions regarding image usage and reproduction rights.

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Mona likes to be real & authentic in her writings. She believes in simplicity over jargon, crafts relatable content & adds a touch of wit that sparks genuine connections. Loves tea over coffee.

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