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What Are TikTok Coins And How To Gain Them? [Details To TikTok Coins]

May 17, 2024

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What Are TikTok Coins And How To Gain Them? [Details To TikTok Coins]

TikTok Coins serve as the platform's currency, bought with real money to send gifts to creators. These gifts, represented by emojis, show appreciation for content. Coins activate gifts during live streams or in comments, with creators exchanging them for Diamonds, convertible to cash. 

Purchasing Coins is straightforward via the app store, TikTok, or directly in-app. The guidelines exist for Coins and gift purchases, ensuring a smooth process for supporting creators and enhancing the TikTok experience.

To learn more about TikTok coins and how to earn them, keep reading the upcoming article for detailed information.

What Are TikTok Coins?

TikTok Coins are like the currency of TikTok. You buy them with real money and use them to get gifts for your favorite creators. These gifts are represented by different emojis and are a way for fans to show appreciation for great content.

What Are TikTok Coins?

How Do You Use TikTok Coins?

You can use TikTok Coins to send gifts to creators during live streams or in the comment section of their videos. 

Each gift costs a different amount of coins, and when creators receive these gifts, they can exchange them for Diamonds, which can be turned into real money. Also, various places or locations offer various prices for TikTok coins in USD. 

Different Types Of TikTok Gifts

TikTok offers various gifts that users can purchase with coins to send to their favorite creators. 

These gifts are represented by emojis and can be sent during live streams or in the comment section. Each gift has a different cost, allowing users to choose the one that best fits their budget.

Benefits Of Using TikTok Coins

Using TikTok Coins allows fans to support their favorite creators and show appreciation for their content. It's a virtual way of tipping, similar to saying "thank you" for entertaining videos. 

Additionally, creators can exchange these gifts for Diamonds, which can be cashed in for real money, providing an opportunity to monetize their content.

How Do You Use Coins To Activate Gifts?

TikTok coins are the virtual currency of the app, and you can purchase them using your bank card or PayPal account. Once you've acquired coins, here's how you can spend them within TikTok:

Sending Gifts on TikTok Live

During a TikTok Live session, you can purchase gifts for creators to show your support. These gifts vary in price and are represented by different emojis. Sending gifts is akin to giving a virtual tip to your favorite creators. To send a gift during a TikTok Live:

  1. Join the creator's Live session.
  2. Tap the gift box icon in the bottom-right corner.
  3. Choose the gift you want to send and tap "Send."
  4. Your gift will appear on the screen, and the creator will see who sent it, often giving a shoutout in return.
Sending Gifts on TikTok Live

Sending Gifts in a Creator's Comment Section

If a creator doesn't use TikTok Live, you can still support them by sending gifts through the comment section of their videos.

  1. To send a gift through the comment section:
  2. Find a TikTok video from the creator.
  3. Open the comment section.
  4. Tap the gift box icon and choose your gift.
  5. Tap "Send" to complete the process.

Buying a TikTok Promotion

TikTok Promote allows you to boost the visibility of your videos over a specified duration. You can use your TikTok coins to purchase promotions, which vary in cost depending on the duration and number of views you desire.

To buy a TikTok promotion

  1. Find the video you want to promote.
  2. Tap the three dots, then tap on the fire icon.
  3. Choose your promotion goal and audience.
  4. Set your budget and duration.
  5. Purchase the promotion using your TikTok coins.

These are the ways you can use TikTok coins to activate gifts and promote content within the app, supporting creators and enhancing your TikTok experience. Also, you can request to sponsor your content on TikTok by sending them as gifts to your favorite brands.

You can support your favorite and get support from your fans with the help of Crowdfundly. 

Concerningly, why Crowdfundly? This is because Crowdfundly is an ideal choice for purchasing TikTok promotions for the following reasons:

  • Simplified Process: Crowdfundly offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of buying promotions on TikTok, ensuring accessibility for all users.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Utilizing Crowdfundly for TikTok promotion can significantly increase the visibility of your videos to a targeted audience, thereby expanding your products, reach and engagement levels.

How Can You Gain TikTok Coins?

How Can You Gain TikTok Coins?

Acquiring TikTok Coins is straightforward, but there are a few steps to follow:

Through the App Store or Google Play

You can purchase or recharge Coins directly through the App Store or Google Play. Simply manage your Coins purchase settings within the respective app stores or on the TikTok website. To recharge Coins from your TikTok account:

  1. Tap "Profile" at the bottom of the app.
  2. Then tap "Settings and privacy" and select "Balance."
  3. Choose the Coins package you want to purchase and follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

Through TikTok

In some countries, you can buy Coins directly from TikTok through the TikTok website.

To buy Coins directly from TikTok:

  1. Ensure you're a registered user and at least 18 years old.
  2. Go to the TikTok Coins page and log in with your verified TikTok account.
  3. Choose the Coins package that suits your needs and follow the prompts to complete the purchase.

Purchasing Coins within the TikTok App

If you're watching a video on TikTok and want to purchase Coins, you can do so directly from the video. First, tap the Comments button on the video. Then tap the Gifts button in the comment bar to proceed with the purchase.

Purchasing Coins within the TikTok App

Remember, TikTok Coins can't be purchased or used everywhere, and the availability of Gifts and Coins may vary. Additionally, TikTok has policies regarding the purchase of Coins and the sending of Gifts, so be sure to adhere to these guidelines.

How Much Are TikTok Coins Worth?

TikTok Coins hold different values depending on the bundles you purchase. Each TikTok coin generally translates to about 1.5 cents. Here's a breakdown of some popular bundles:

  • Starter Bundle: 65 coins for 99 cents.
  • Mid-range Bundle: 1,321 coins for $19.99.
  • Large Bundle: 6,607 coins for $99.99.
  • Premium Bundle: 16,500 coins for $249.99.
  • Exclusive Bundle: A special gift like the Universe, costing 34,999 coins, approximately $525.

While these coins may seem like small changes individually, they can add up, especially when purchasing larger bundles. These purchases serve as a way to show appreciation to your favorite creators on TikTok.

Withdrawal Rights, Refunds And Guarantees

It's essential to note that TikTok Coins cannot be directly exchanged for real money. However, creators can convert gifts received into virtual diamonds, which can ultimately be exchanged for cash. Here's how it works:

  • Exchange Rate: Diamonds are valued at 50% of the corresponding Coins. For instance, 100 Coins equal 50 Diamonds, and 50 Coins equal 25 Diamonds.
  • Cash Out: Content creators can cash out for real money after accumulating 100 Diamonds. However, TikTok retains 50% of the earnings. For instance, if a creator cashes out $50, they will only receive $25.
  • Cost of Coins: The cost of TikTok Coins fluctuates daily and varies by country. In the United States, prices for TikTok Coins range from $0.74 for 70 Coins to $185 for 17,500 Coins.

While TikTok Coins offer a way to support creators and engage with the platform, users should be aware of the platform's policies regarding refunds and conversions. Again, the users should ensure they are of legal age before engaging in transactions involving TikTok Coins and gifts.

Your Rights About The TikTok Coins

As a user of TikTok, you are granted a license to use Coins and Virtual Items exclusively within the platform for your enjoyment. 

However, it's essential to understand that you do not possess any ownership rights over Coins or Virtual Items beyond what is explicitly outlined in TikTok's Coins Policy. This means you cannot engage in activities such as buying, selling, or trading Coins or Virtual Items outside of TikTok's designated channels.

Coins obtained on TikTok do not come with an expiration date. However, TikTok reserves the right to discontinue offering Coins or Virtual Items to specific user categories, regions, or even entirely for legal, regulatory, or business reasons. In such cases, TikTok will provide users with reasonable advance notice to utilize their existing Coins.

Your access to purchasing or using Coins, as well as accessing Virtual Items, may be terminated or suspended immediately and without prior notice by TikTok if there are legitimate reasons to do so. 

This includes instances of serious or repeated violations of TikTok's Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. If you believe there has been an error in the termination of your rights, you can appeal through the Community Guidelines violation notice or contact TikTok via their feedback form.

You have the right to terminate your TikTok account at any time by closing your account and ceasing to use the platform. If your account is terminated during the Withdrawal Period for purchased Coins, you may request a refund for any unused Coins as outlined in the Withdrawal Rights, Refunds, and Guarantees section. 

However, outside of this period, you will not be entitled to refunds for unused Coins. Therefore, it is advisable to utilize your Coins before losing access to your TikTok account.


How Much Are 1000 Coins On TikTok?

1,000 TikTok coins may cost around $10 to $15, but prices can vary based on your location and currency exchange rates. It's best to check the TikTok app for precise pricing.

What Do TikTok Coins Do?

TikTok coins are used to tip content creators during live streams, where they're converted into diamonds in the streamer's wallet at a rate of 1 coin to 2 diamonds.

Is There A Cheaper Way To Get TikTok Coins?

Typically, TikTok sets the price for coins, so finding them cheaper directly through the app is unlikely. However, users can watch for special promotions, participate in challenges, or use referral programs to potentially earn coins or discounts.

Can You Sell TikTok Coins?

TikTok coins cannot be sold; they're solely used within the platform for tipping content creators during live streams.

How Many TikTok Coins Make A Diamond?

One TikTok coin holds the value of 2 diamonds when used for tipping content creators during live streams on the platform.

Concluding Lines

By understanding the Details To TikTok Coins, you can support creators and engage with the platform to its full potential. By grasping how to acquire, use, and convert TikTok Coins, users can enhance their TikTok experience while contributing to the vibrant community of creators and fans. 

With this knowledge, you can navigate the TikTok landscape with confidence, making informed decisions that benefit both themselves and the creators they admire.

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