How To Configure Refund Settings Inside Crowdfundly

If you have a Crowdfundly Enterprise Plan, you can configure refund settings for your campaigns in Crowdfundly.

To use this feature you have to make sure that the ‘Escrow’ feature is also enabled. If you enabled the escrow service then the system will allow you to decide whether you want to allow refunds or not. By enabling refunds, you will be allowing contributors to send a refund request within the set Escrow duration.

How To Enable Or Disable Refund Settings In Crowdfundly #

Log in to your Crowdfundly organization account. From your dashboard, click on the ‘Settings’ tab as shown below.

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Next, navigate to ‘Crowdfunding’ from your Settings page. From here you can toggle the ‘Allow Refund’ option to enable or disable it. If you choose to enable it, make sure that the ‘Escrow’ option is also enabled.

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This is how you can configure refund settings in Crowdfundly.

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