How To Delete An Account In Crowdfundly

You can delete an account in Crowdfundly if you don’t need that account anymore to run or contribute to campaigns. When you delete an account, all of your ongoing campaigns will also be deleted and you can not access them anymore. Follow these simple steps so that you can delete an account.

Step 1: First, log in to your Crowdfundly account.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘My Profile’ from the top bar menu and select ‘Settings’ from your Crowdfundly dashboard’s left sidebar.

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Step 3: On the bottom of the Setting page, you will find the ‘Delete Account’ button. Clicking on this button will permanently remove your Crowdfundly account. Keep in mind that these changes can not be undone.

delete an account in crowdfundly

Step 4: A popup will arrive. Here is briefly described what features you are going to miss on Crowdfundly. If you are confirmed to delete an account then hit the ‘Yes, Deactivate My Account’ button.

delete an account in Crowdfundly

By following these basic steps, you can easily delete an account in Crowdfundly within a matter of minutes. If needed, you can also check this documentation to delete an organization in Crowdfundly.

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