How to Build Your Own Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform Instantly

We all know about the popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and maybe a few raised money using it as well. But won’t it be nice to create a personalized crowdfunding platform for yourself? When you have your own platform you will also have more freedom to add branding or change the looks to make it stand out from the rest. 

Kickstarter Crowdfunding Platform

No, we are not talking about creating a Kickstarter project, rather building your very own crowdfunding platform, where you can post your campaigns and raise funding. Today we will talk about Crowdfundly an all-in-one digital fundraising solution and how to create a stunning fundraising platform like Kickstarter with it easily.

Why Build A Kickstarter Platform Than Just Using Kickstarter

When you need digital fundraising you can just use Kickstarter but there’s the limitation is that you can’t create a personalized landing page for your fundraising organization. But when you have your very own crowdfunding platform, you can customize your fundraising organization’s landing page instantly the way you want. Also, you can create & organize campaigns for fundraising better.

If you build a Kickstarter type crowdfunding platform with Crowdfundly you will have the freedom to brand your own landing page and get more customization freedom. You can bring a more professional look to your landing page and your campaigns.

Crowdfundly: An Alternative To Kickstarter & All-In-One Fundraising Solution

Crowdfundly is a great all-in-one solution for digital fundraising. It is the best alternative to Kickstarter because of all the exclusive features and freedom of customization as you need. With this amazing crowdfunding platform, you can create campaigns and manage them with ease.

digital fundraising campaign for Coronavirus

It gives you so many features that will allow you to have more control over your campaign. Fundraising is not an easy job. You need to create brochures, keep track of your funds and pitch your idea or story to your potential investors, and many more things. Crowdfundly makes all of these things seem easy as pie.

Let’s Check Out The Things You Can Do With Crowdfundly

Crowdfundly will give you many advanced features that elevate your fundraising experience. From customization and branding to getting analytical insights, Crowdfundly has got you fully covered. So without further ado, let’s see what you should expect to get from the Crowdfundly platform.

Sign Up & Get Your Own Crowdfundly Profile Instantly

It’s very easy to start your fundraising journey with Crowdfundly. Just like creating a Kickstarter profile it only takes a few minutes to get your profile in Crowdfundly. Head over to the Crowdfundly website and click on the ‘Get Started For Free’. It will take you to another page.

Kickstarter crowdfunding platform

Next you need to choose a pricing plan, Crowdfundly has affordable price plans for everyone. Even in its free pricing package, you can create your fundraising organization profile fluently and run more than one crowdfunding campaigns easily. Moreover, you can upgrade from one pricing plan from another one whenever you needed.

Kickstarter crowdfunding platform

If you have selected any pro pricing plan, then the next step you to fill up the necessary information and set a password for your account. Once you’re done you can just click ‘Pay Now’ and that’s it.  

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Wasn’t it easy? They will send you a confirmation email after you are done with these steps. When you verify the email, your contributor profile will be created right away. You can then head over to your Crowdfundly profile and get ready for crowdfunding.   

Create & Brand Your fundraising Organization Landing Page In Crowdfundly

Now comes the best part about Crowdfundly accounts that sets it apart from a Kickstarter account. With Crowdfundly you can add your own organization’s landing page.

kickstarter like platform

Once you choose to add your organization you will be taken to another page where you will just fill out some basic information and your fundraising organization page is ready.

kickstarter like platform

When you have your fundraising organization’s landing page it helps to make your brand stand out. So having your own Kickstarter crowdfunding platform is really important if you want to attract more people to contribute to your campaign. Crowdfundly has ready themes for designing your fundraising organization page.

kickstarter like platform

Select The Type Of Crowdfundly Campaign You Want To Run

After you set up your organization page now it’s time to start creating campaigns. First, you need to choose what type of campaign it will be with Crowdfundly. It can be a donation-based campaign or a reward-based campaign. In a donation-based campaign, you can run campaigns for awareness or nonprofit cause and get doations just to help the cause itself. 

kickstarter like platform

In reward-based campaigns, you can offer the contributors a reward for backing you. This type of campaign works with an incentive for the contributors. So you can offer rewards to your contributors after making the fundraising successful.

kickstarter like platform

Now time to select the fundraising target you want to achieve with this campaign. Then you need to choose if it will be a fundraiser with a specific deadline or an ongoing one.

kickstarter like platform

In Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, the funding scheme is ‘all or nothing’. This means, if you don’t reach your fundraising goal, you won’t get the money. But if you create your own Kickstarter crowdfunding platform with Crowdfundly then you won’t have an ‘all or nothing’ situation. 

Write An Impactful Story For Your Campaigns In Crowdfundly 

When you are publishing your campaign on your platform you will need to create a good story for your campaign. A good story can explain to your audience why you are running this campaign and why it is important. 

kickstarter like platform

A well written ‘Campaign Story’ can generate more contributions. So make sure to compose a story that is easily readable and has all the necessary information. Compelling story is important for your fundraising campaigns to get better results in crowdfunding. 

Add Images & Videos To Make People Care More About Your Story

If you want people to care about a cause then you need to tell them the story perfectly. And to make sure people are getting the full picture you need to add videos and pictures to your campaigns for better understanding.

kickstarter like platform

After you have set the duration of the campaign you will see the option to upload multiple images for your fundraising campaign. When you make a Kickstarter campaign you only get to upload a single picture for your project. But on Crowdfundly’s campaign gallery you can add more if you need.

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Just like the pictures, having your own Kickstarter crowdfunding platform means you can add multiple videos for your campaigns video gallery. Sometimes a video can explain better than pictures. You can use the campaign video gallery to showcase important videos that are related to your campaign. Here you can add videos from Vimeo or YouTube and add as many as you like. 

Use The Stunning & Ready To Share Brochure For Social Sharing

If you want your campaign to be successful then you need a lot of contributions. And the best way to get more contributions is to share the campaign on social media. With Crowdfundly, you can share a beautiful campaign brochure on different social media platforms for better response.

Kickstarter like platform

You can directly share that brochure on different social platforms. This will get you more exposure. There is a ‘Contribute’ button linked with the PDF flyer and it will lead the viewer to your campaign’s ‘Contribute Now’ page. You can reach your goal even faster.

The download option is available for the brochure and print it. So you can share it for physical campaigns as well. There is a QR code available on the brochure so when someone scans it with their phones it will take them to your fundraising campaign page. 

Easily Manage Offline Fund Collections By Manually Adding Them

Managing offline fund collection is much easier with your own created Kickstarter like crowdfunding platform, Crowdfundly. If you want to manage an offline fund collection of a campaign just select the campaign and click the ‘Manage’ button with the gear icon. 

kickstartar like platform

Here you can see in the ‘Campaign Analytics’ section, you will find an ‘Offline Contributions’ tab. After clicking on it, you will get to add and check your offline contribution details. So when you add one, a form will appear in front of your screen. You can add all the details of the contributor and the contribution amount. You can even add it as an Anonymous contribution as well. 

kickstarter like platform

Utilize The Built-In Analytics To Evaluate Campaign Performance

Analytics is being used everywhere now. It is really important to evaluate performances. Same goes for your campaigns. At one point you will be wondering how your campaign is doing, so to evaluate the fundraising performance you don’t need to go or rely on other platforms. There is a built-in ‘Campaign Analytics’ section in Crowdfundly itself.

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Here you can see there is a ‘Statistics’ tab that will show you all the contributions your campaign has received over the days. There will be an insightful graph that will show you the numbers. With just one look you can analyze your campaign performance. 

When you keep track of the statistics of your campaign, you will figure out where you need to improve to reach your goal. The analytics can tell you a lot about your campaign. Maybe you need to present your campaign in a better way or you may need to look for contributors in a different setting and place. So you must use this essential feature of Crowdfundly to make sure that you reach your goal in time. 

Bonus: Create Fundraising Campaign Site Using Crowdfundly In WordPress

Crowdfundly has great integration with WordPress. The Crowdfundly plugin can be used to create donation campaigns from the Crowdfundly dashboard of WordPress. This makes using your crowdfunding platform easier and it makes your work more efficient.


Just click ‘Add New Campaign’ and you can start creating your campaign. You will get the exact same menu and options for setting up your campaign just like on the Crowdfundly platform.

kickstarter like platform

With a kickstarter campaign you won’t have a dedicated kickstarter plugin to create projects. But with Crowdfundly you get a dedicated plugin to create and manage your campaigns from WordPress.

How To Configure Your Crowdfundly With WordPress 

The integration with WordPress gives Crowdfundly the edge over Kickstarter. It’s very easy to configure your Crowdfundly account with WordPress. It only takes up about a few minutes to complete the configuration.

Step 1: Activate Crowdfundly Plugin In WordPress

First, you need to go to the Plugins tab of your WordPress dashboard. Then you need to click the ‘Add New’ button and search the Crowdfundly plugin. After finding it, just click install and then hit Activate and that’s it.


Step 2: Generate Crowdfundly App Key From Crowdfundly Account

This is also a very simple step, you just need to go to your Crodfundly organization account. Then you need to navigate through the dashboard and click the ‘Settings’ tab. Next you will see ‘App Key’ on the settings page. Now you need to click ‘Generate New App Key’ and there you go, you have your App Key. 


Step 3: Authenticate Your Crowdfundly WordPress Plugin

If you go to your Crowdfundly dashboard you will see there is a tab to fill in your ‘App Key’. Just copy and paste it from your Crowdfundly website and then click ‘Connect’ and your account will be linked instantly.


Use Crowdfundly Plugin To Directly Manage Your Campaigns

You can use Crowdfundly plugin to not only create campaigns on your crowdfunding platform but also manage them fully. So no need to pull up the Crowdfundly website every time you need to manage any part of your campaign. 


You can also use all the features you get with Crowdfundly on your WordPress. So managing funds, evaluating campaigns got much easier with the Crowdfundly WordPress plugin.

Crowdfundly Integration With The Elementor Website Builder

You can use Crowdfundly with Elementor page builder to create some important web pages on your website. With the plugin, you will get 3 different widgets on your Elementor page builder. 

Display Your Organization With Crowdfundly Organization Widget

With the ‘Crowdfundly Organization’ widget you can showcase your organization on your web page. Just drag and drop the widget on your page and instantly Elementor will pull up your organization landing page.


That’s not all you can adjust and customize with the ‘Style’ tab. You can change the background color and add multiple images on the slider. Also, adjust the slider the way you want. And you also get the ability to change the background color of your ‘Organization Detail’ to make it stand out even more.


Highlight One Campaign With Crowdfundly Single Campaign Widget

You can choose to highlight one of your campaigns with the Elementor Crowdfundly Single Campaign widget. You can just drag & drop it on your page and select the campaign you want to display.

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You can also adjust all the little details here on the ‘Style’ tab. So you can display one of your campaigns on your website in a beautiful manner. You can read here to understand how you can adjust it more.

Showcase All Of Your Campaigns With Crowdfundly All Campaign Widget

There is another widget called Crowdfundly All Campaign in Elementor page builder. With this widget you can show all of your campaigns of your organization in one page.


Get More Exclusive Features From Crowdfundly

Want to get some extra features on your Kickstarter crowdfunding platform? You can get the premium Crowdfundly packages and get some exclusive features that will make your fundraising experience better. Let’s check these features out.


Run Unlimited Active Campaigns With The Pro Version

If you use the Crowdfundly Pro then you will get to run unlimited active campaigns. This is an amazing opportunity if you are looking for a permanent lifetime solution for your digital fundraising.

Allow Fundraisers To Run Their Campaigns Through You

Once you get the Crowdfundly Pro, you can add fundraisers to your organization. Fundraisers are your local community people who need to run campaigns. You can allow them to run their campaigns on your organization.

Add Multiple Team Members To Manage Your Campaigns

Manage team members to your fundraising organization with the Crowdfundly Pro. Team members can help you to manage your campaigns. So getting the Pro version can help you a lot.


Create Your Personalized Custom Domain For Organization

With the Pro, you can also get a personalized custom domain for your organization. This will bring a more official vibe to your fundraising platform. And customizing your domain is really easy.


Enable Donation Tip Option To Make Contribution Easier

Crowdfundly Pro versions allow you to get donation tips from your contributors. These tips can help you financially to operate the campaign better. And many contributors like to tip the organization for their efforts.


Take A Look At The Crowdfundly Pricing Plans

Crowdfundly has some flexible and affordable pricing plans for the Pro versions. So if you are interested in getting a great solution for your fundraising then check them out now.


Start Fundraising With Crowdfundly

Starting your own Kickstarter crowdfunding platform with Crowdfundly is much better than just creating a project on Kickstarter. Here you can have a personalized platform for your fundraising needs. So get started with Crowdfundly for free, or get exclusive Lifetime Access starting at only $59.00

Crowdfundly Promotion Banner update1280x720 2

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback, feel free to comment below or contact our support team here. We would love to get a response from you and make the Crowdfundly experience even better. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blogs to get the latest news about Crowdfundly.



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