5 Best WordPress Donation Plugins To Create Fundraising Campaign [FREE]

Donations are collected to serve your individual, organization, social, non-profit, political, or other purposes if anyone has a financial barrier. In most cases, lack of funding many good ideas, social services being stopped and never have happened. And this could be much easier if you go with the right WordPress donation plugin to serve your need or social purpose raising funds.  

WordPress Donation Plugins Free

Now wondering how to create a fundraising campaign to collect desired funds using WordPress donation plugin? We are here to introduce to you the best 5 FREE WordPress donation plugins as solutions in detail. With this, you can pick your desired WordPress donation plugin and get strat your digital fundraising right away. Take a look!

Right Tactics To Choose The Best WordPress Donation Plugin

Collecting donations from the privileged ones is one of those finest and transparent ways to fulfill your or your organization’s dream with ease. That’s why in this advanced world of technology, donations are now mostly collected online with the best tool, and it’s now trending. 

And WordPress is one of those trending open-source platforms to create any type of website including doing your fundraising online. It helps you get in-built, free solutions, ready themes to build your desired website without coding. 

So if you use WordPress, you can have the opportunity to get the best WordPress donation plugins to raise funds online with the right tools and tactics right away. But before choosing anything, you have to know which WordPress donation plugin is right for you or your organization. To help you out entirely check below what you should ensure first: 

1. Create A Stunning Crowdfunding Profile

Make sure your WordPress crowdfunding plugin can easily help you create a stunning fundraising homepage to attract their donors’ attention and create transparency. You can use ready themes, add real-time pictures, videos, fruitful descriptions, and more. That can make your donors satisfied and encourage new contributors, fundraisers to engage with your fundraising campaign right away. 

WordPress Donation Plugins Free

2. Sort & Analyze Crowdfunding Data: 

Sort & analyze campaigns easily with advanced search filters, and in-built analytics. If you are running multiple crowdfunding campaigns at a time, you must have to know which campaign is doing well, and where you have to give maximum attention. 

3. Easy Refund & Recurring Donation:  

Easy fund collection with a refund and recurring system must have to along with. In case any fundraiser wants to withdraw money, you can refund them with ease. And if anyone wants to provide funds continuously, you can facilitate them with a recurring donation option. 

4. Get Advanced Role Management System:

Your WordPress donation plugin should have come with an advanced role management system. That you can easily add multiple teammates, and manage their roles and accounts as well. 

5. Integrated With Multiple Payment Gateways: 

Make sure your WordPress crowdfunding plugin is compatible with multiple payment methods. Integrating with payment gateways is the must-have thing for fundraising online. As you can collect funds through an online payment.

WordPress Donation Plugins Free

6. Social Networking Sites Integration: 

You can showcase your social media sites there with powerful integration with your crowdfunding solution. It helps to get huge exposure about your campaign and you can collect more funds in every possible way. 

7. Responsive On All Device Type: 

Your donation plugin should be responsive and work properly on a mobile, desktop, or any other type of device as well. That your customer whatever device is using they can check and make their payment done online without any hassles. 

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Best 5 FREE WordPress Donation Plugins To Create Fundraising Campaign

As you have already known what you should look for in your WordPress donation plugin. Let’s now get to know all details about these best 5 FREE WordPress donation plugins and pick the right one to start fundraising below: 

Crowdfundly – Advanced Fundraising & Donation Solution For WordPress

Crowdfundly is the latest best crowdfunding solution for all types of users. It’s a complete SAAS solution to create and manage your online fundraising campaigns in advance with its all exclusive, and up-to-date features. It also integrates with WordPress, WooCommerce, Elemnetor, and Essential Addons. For this, it can facilitate all WordPress user bases to manage their crowdfunding campaigns without any hassles. 

WordPress Donation Plugins Free

Crowdfundly offers you to create both nonprofit and reward-based crowdfunding campaigns. It comes with ready themes where you can upload video, real-time images, descriptions, and integrate with multiple social networking sites that help you build a complete fundraising profile without any hassles. You can collect funds by managing your online or offline contributors, fundraisers separately with this advanced WordPress donation plugin Crowdfundly.

WordPress Donation Plugins Free

Crowdfundly comes with an advanced filter option to sort and filter your crowdfunding data right away. And you can easily then get acknowledgment about your all running campaigns with ease. Also, you can analyze and measure the performance of each digital fundraising campaign with its in-built advanced analytics. At the end of every fundraising or anytime, you can get the full report of your online fundraising campaign with its advanced report provider feature. 

When you are planning for crowdfunding campaigns, your WordPress donation plugins must have to integrate with multiple payment gateways to process online payments for your donors without any interruption. Crowdfundly integrates with popular payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, and others to provide a smooth experience for your donors. 

With the Crowdfundly role management feature, you can manage team roles and accounts using one crowdfunding platform. It’s necessary when you are owing to this WordPress donation plugin for your non-profit organization or multiple people are attached to your fundraising campaign. You can then easily provide them their roles and get control over their accounts as well. 

WordPress Donation Plugins Free

Besides, Crowdfundly comes with an advanced refund system, recurring or escrow management system to make your digital fundraising campaigns smooth and effortless. You can collaborate with your donors providing every possible solution they may ask for using this trendy WordPress donation plugin. 

So now get this exclusive WordPress donation plugin all free by using its initial package and upgrade any time to unlock its all premium features or can get its affordable Lifetime Deal. And create unlimited fundraising campaigns without any second thoughts. 

More Crowdfundly Features To Look At:   

  • Crowdfudly is the latest all-in-one solution for both SAAS and WordPress users. 
  • It’s a user-friendly user interface, easy-to-use, and an up-to-date WordPress donation plugin. 
  • Use custom domain, enable real-time chatting, and more with Crowdfundly.  

GiveWP – Donation Plugin and Fundraising Platform

WordPress Donation Plugins Free

GiveWP is one of the best WordPress donation plugins to create and manage your fundraising campaigns in advance. It comes with advanced donation forms, a powerful reporting system, flexible donation recurring systems, and integrated with online payments gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. 

You can easily integrate with third-party services with GiveWP. You can start free with this WordPress donation plugin or can upgrade to any premium packages at any time. 

Charitable – WordPress Donation Plugin

WordPress Donation Plugins Free

Charitable WordPress donation plugin can help you raise funds online with its advanced user interface and all updated features. You can get advanced payment gateways with PayPal, Stripe, and others to make your online crowdfunding smooth. You can create as many campaigns as you want by setting up a goal. It comes with ready themes to make your crowdfunding profile in advance. You can get started completely free with Charitable or an update to its premium features for getting better performance. 

Donorbox – Free Recurring Donation Form

WordPress Donation Plugins Free

Donorbox is a powerful WordPress donation plugin that comes with a fast feature-filled solution. By which anyone can raise funds by embedding your donation forms into your WordPress website. It will help you generate all the embedding code. You can make a stunning crowdfunding profile with a logo and other styling options. Donorbox collects multiple currencies and integrates with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. It’s a completely free plugin for WordPress. 

WP Fundraising Donation and Crowdfunding Platform

WordPress Donation Plugins Free

WP Fundraising Donation is a single donation and crowdfunding plugin for WordPress. funds easily with the advanced user interface. Anyone can create a single donation site with this WordPress donation plugin to include frontend user registration, login, and campaign submit form to collect proper user data and funds immediately. You can include unlimited rewards, integrate with online payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and many more. You can get this plugin completely free for WordPress. 

Start Creating Your Fundraising Campaign Today

This is the end of all discussions about the best 5 FREE WordPress Donation Plugins for WordPress. If you have any questions, suggestions, or experiences to share, share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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