strategic partnership

Strategic Partnership Between Crowdfundly and AuthLab

strategic partnership

We’re thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership between Crowdfundly and AuthLab. Based in Sylhet, Bangladesh, AuthLab is a powerhouse for developing digital products. One of their great ventures is WP Manage Ninja, a WordPress product company that creates and sells WordPress plugins for a global audience.

Crowdfundly is a cloud-based SAAS solution that allows creating an online fundraising platform, notably for small and mid-level non-profitable organizations, to raise funds for their causes. Crowdfundly was launched in 2020 as a joint venture by WPDeveloper and JoulesLabs

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Now, this partnership will combine the business potential of WPDeveloper, JoulesLabs, AuthLab and increase the strategic capacity to do more and make the product more powerful for users and potential audiences throughout the globe.  

WPDeveloper has been in business for 8+ years and created 25+ software products which are currently powering up 3 Million+ active users. While JoulesLabs are mainly focusing on services, expertise in building large-scale software and mobile applications.

On the other hand, AuthLab is a great new addition to the strategic partnership. Over the years, their venture WP Manage Ninja has established an ecosystem in the WordPress market with their excellent products.

Speaking about the new partnership, Mr. M Asif Rahman, Founder at WPDeveloper and also Co-Founder of Crowdfundly, stated, “We, at Crowdfdundly, are proud to engage in such a relationship with AuthLab and Shajahan Jewel. We believe that is a perfect fit for our growing product and I look forward to seeing how Crowdfundly further defines itself in the ecosystem. Both of the companies have definitely left impressions individually, and I think together we will see a powerful product and company in the SAAS space further mature.

Mr. Arifur Rhaman Naim, Founder at Crowdfundly and CEO at JoulesLabs, said: “We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with AuthLab. We look forward to this collaboration and aim to work together, not just technically but also culturally, to make the Crowdfundly great.“.

Through this investment, Mr. Shajahan Jewel, Founder at AuthLab, will join the Crowdfundly board alongside Mr. M Asif Rahman, Mr. Arifur Rahman Naim, and Mr. Nazmul Hasan Rupok (CEO, WPDeveloper).

The partnership is a powerful combination. I believe this helps to create Crowdfundly the best online fundraising solutions and grow together” said Mr. Shajahan Jewel, AuthLab’s Founder & Head of Ideas.

As Crowdfundly continues to grow and expand, it wants to add more value to its customers. To that extent, it became abundantly apparent that Crowdfundly, together with WPDeveloper, JoulesLabs, and AuthLab, is committed to providing maximum customer satisfaction through intensive development and system enhancements. All companies are engaged to make Crowdfundly a one-stop digital fundraising solution for everyone.

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Winners Of The Crowdfunly ‘Pre-launch Giveaway’ campaign!

We are very excited to announce the winners of our ‘Pre-launch Giveaway’ campaign! We are giving away 10 (ten) copies of our Crowdfund.ly license, and it’s absolutely free! The winners can pick any from our standard packages.

The story started this January 2021; we run a private pre-launch campaign. Among all participants, we randomly select TEN lucky winners.

Please meet with our luckiest winners 🤩

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#Crowdfundly is an all-in-one digital crowdfunding solution. Build to help you with any kind of fundraising, whether you are raising funds for donation or want to crowdfund a project. You could use it for your charitable organization or build your Kickstarter website using Crowdfund.ly.

Got a question? Feel free to contact us.

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Crowdfundly v1.1.0 Release Note

Excited to announce that we release a big update. We just introduced the most awaited CUSTOM DOMAIN feature.

Let’s see what’s in this version:

  • New: Introduced the custom domain
  • New: Taken the application to SSR Mode for better SEO
  • New: Option to buy multiple licenses
  • New: Option to transfer the individual license to others
  • New: Added API key for third-party integration
  • New: ‘Report’ against a campaign
  • Update: Contribution process using Stripe
  • Fix: Data exporting issue
  • Fix: Role & permission issue
  • Fix: Issue to upgrade the package

Crowdfundly email banner

Crowdfundly v1.1.0-beta.1 Release Note

We just released another update this October. This release about a minor update with exciting new features and few improvements.

Let’s see what’s in this version:

  • New: Video with campaign gallery
  • New: Redirect modal added in campaign create
  • Update: Show offer info on business campaign contribution
  • Update: Phone number is taken only for AamarPay
  • Fix: Watermark issue in campaign create and update image
  • Fix: Offer image in offer details
  • Fix: Removed extra quotation in the offer description
  • Fix: Image uploading issue in the campaign
  • Fix: GIF file resize and upload issue
  • Fix: Individual stripe activation issue